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15 Songs to Put on Your Thanksgiving Playlist

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Whether you’re planning to get turntkey on the crunkberry sauce and pumpkin spice martinis or just opting to stuff yourself silly, Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate loved ones, bountiful harvest and obesity. Here’s 15 songs to jam out and gobble to.

Beck - “Nicotine and Gravy”

Remember that time you spent Thanksgiving with your uncle Larry, and you found some Grizzly Chew in the gravy? Good times, man. 

The Black Lips - “Family Tree”
While reminiscing about old times on a tank full of spiked eggnog. Ah, memories.

The Smiths - “Meat is Murder
Animal activist and professional moper Morrissey cooked up the perfect anthem for Tofurky lovers with “Meat is Murder,” a friendly reminder that Thanksgiving is turkey genocide day.

Warrant - “Cherry Pie”
Thanksgiving is all about the pie. Pecan pie, pumpkin pie and after all those hot toddies, maybe even a little cherry pie.

The Cure - “Friday I’m in Love”
After all the wholesome family bonding, get ready to hit the stores for Black Friday for some good ol’ pushing and shoving. Gotta get that 110-inch Ultra HDTV.

Iron Maiden - “Run to the Hills”
Fuck the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special, this is how the holiday really went. 

Ohio Players - “Jive Turkey”
You can buy yourself a one way ticket on the gravy train to hell if you’re behaving like a asshole at the family gathering.

Primus - “Pudding time”
A wise man once said “how can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat.”

Lil’ Debbie - “Bake a Cake”
Too bad Betty Crocker isn’t alive to spit rhymes with Lil’ Debbie. I don’t know if she would dig the “purple grape” going into Lil Debbie’s baked goods. 

John Lennon - “Cold Turkey”
Keep that oven cranked up to 350 degrees to keep that turkey golden brown, you don’t want to make Thanksgiving turn into pukesgiving. Ew.

Kanye West - “Bound 2” 
Maybe Kimye can make it through another Thanksgiving, and it looks like Kim has enough booty to feed the whole Kardashian clan, but cannibalism’s wrong, guys.

The Turtles - “Food"

This is the food song to end all food songs, even containing a recipe for rockin’ brownies. Try it, I dare you.

Gorillaz- “November Has Come”
Ah, November is here, a time for festivities, gaining 10 pounds and blowing wads of dough on gifts, decoration and inflatable yard blowups.  

Duke Ellington and His Orchestra- “Jumpin’ Punkins
What better than smooth, sophisticated jazz to go along with cranberry Jello shots and turkey gizzards?

Jeff Buckley- “Grace”
Whether you’re a heathen, hardcore Christian, Buddhist, or anything in between, there's plenty to be thankful for on Thanksgiving, like black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

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