San Antonio Musicians Pick Their Favorite Songs For Summer 

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LaJIT  — Santigold, "Who Be Lovin' Me" feat. ILOVEMAKONNEN
San Antonio rapper LaJIT - VIA FACEBOOK
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  • San Antonio rapper LaJIT
"Who Be Lovin' Me" is def my song to bump in this incredible Texas heat. Though the beat is downtempo, Makonnen and Santigold bring an energy that makes me wanna cook with my tiny shirt and tiny pants on while forgetting I'm sweating profusely. Catch me bumping this song, with all the windows down, chunking the deuce to everyone as if I know them.

Ryan Brummet of Mondo Nation — Patti Smith, "Redondo Beach"
click to enlarge Ryan Brummet, of Mondo Nation and Paper Tiger - VIA FACEBOOK
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  • Ryan Brummet, of Mondo Nation and Paper Tiger
My wife and I would listen to this record over and over huddled over our lone window unit in our old apartment. We spent the day gathering supplies: oysters, champagne and hunting knives. It was just our way of beating the heat.

Kory Cook, Drummer for Royal Punisher, The Mockingbird Express — John Coltrane, "Sun Ship"
click to enlarge Kory Cook (right), drummer of Royal Punisher and KRTU music director - VIA FACEBOOK
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  • Kory Cook (right), drummer of Royal Punisher and KRTU music director
I know it's from over 50 years ago, but John Coltrane's "Sun Ship" (recorded in August 1965) has been sitting in my car's CD player since late spring. I have a vinyl copy but a friend gave me his new CD copy. It's timeless, improvisational music and sounds like it could have been recorded yesterday. It's blazing and ferocious, like the unrelenting Texas heat. Blast off and escape on the sun ship!
Warning: Not for relaxing beach trips or first dates. 

Also, "Delta Kreme" by Dave King Trucking Company. This short, opening track  sets the pace for his entire new album, Surrounded By the Night. An instrumental open road, complete with a gorgeous melody that sets the tone for a new lazy, hazy summer.



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