Love Is All You Need: Inclusive Churches Welcome Same-Sex Couples

click to enlarge Unity Church of San Antonio - Albert Salazar
Albert Salazar
Unity Church of San Antonio

Same-sex couples' right to marry is now closer than ever.

But in Texas — like in other conservative states — religious officials like to warn their flocks of the danger, calamity and brimstone legal marriage for gays and lesbians is likely to rain down on the God-fearing masses because of the sinners.

San Antonio is no different.

Take John Hagee, pastor of Cornerstone, one of the largest mega-churches in the Lone Star State, who, as a side note, is constantly predicting the end of the world because of "blood moons."

The senior pastor thinks same-sex couples who want to marry are nothing but two disturbed people playing house.

"The concept is just absolutely staggering. The Bible's requirements for getting married are these: One, that you marry someone of the opposite sex," Hagee said during his show — not the OnionHagee Hotline, in January 2013.

Because the good Lord knows, love has nothing to do with marriage.

Luckily for Bexar County, there are plenty of inclusive churches that welcome all walks of life into their sanctuaries.

click to enlarge Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett of Unity Church of SA can't wait to wed same-sex couples. - Albert Salazar
Albert Salazar
Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett of Unity Church of SA can't wait to wed same-sex couples.

Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett, of the non-demoninational Unity Church of San Antonio, admits that not all Christian churches here are that friendly.

"I don't know a church that doesn't say 'everybody is welcome,'" she said. "You are welcome to come in and be who you are not."

If the Supreme Court does overturn same-sex couple marriage bans, she's prepared to officiate marriages.

She said Unity Church is a safe place for gay couples who want to worship as her congregation is inclusive of everyone.

For Martella-Whitsett — and many members of all walks of faith-based communities — worship, at its core, boils down to love without limits.

"We have the most positive and joyful experience in life when we are good to other people," she said.

There are many welcoming churches in San Antonio — too many to list here.

According to Out In SA's directory, River City Living Church (202 Holland Ave. 210-822-1121), Metropolitan Community Church (611 E. Myrtle 210-472-3597) and Lutheran Church of the Good Shepard (1630 Goliad Rd. 210-333-0460) are all judgment-free zones for anyone who wants to worship — gays and lesbians included.

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