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11 #FiestaProblems You'll Most Likely Experience 

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1. Not getting VIP tickets to this year's WEBB Party.

2. Last year, we all enjoyed free rides and fist bumps from our Lyft and Uber drivers. No such luck this year. Good luck hailin' a cab.

3. Getting lost in the sea of people at NIOSA. Getting stuck behind a tall guy at an Oyster Bake concert. Fiesta's tough for short guys and gals.

4. Sun-baked and over filled Porta Potties. Shudder and GAG.

5. Because who doesn't love paying $20 for parking. What is this, SXSW?

6. When Mr. Chicken runs out of jalapeños. You can't have chicken on a stick without jalapeños!

7. Knowing what to wear is always a struggle. Dress or shorts? Chanclas or heels? Sleeves or no sleeves? What will you sweat less in?

8. Fiesta medals ripping holes in your favorite blouse from the weight of them all. Must find a sash.

9. Scoring good seats for Battle of Flowers parade, or otherwise finding a nice shaded area in which to stand and eat your turkey leg (hopefully not behind someone with a giant hat).

10. Comparing Fiesta prices to Charro Days prices ... which is more of a #ValleyProblem

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11. This one is a little specific, but it comes from one of our San Antonio Current staffers: I lost a toe nail at Oysterbake. Dancing, drunkenly, in the mud with sandals on. Total disaster. Lost my friends, they found me on the curb eating funnel cake.

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1. Not getting VIP tickets to this year's WEBB Party.


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