15 WTF Stories from Texas in 2015

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When Monkeys Attack
Vervet Monkey escapes, bites three in Rio Grande Valley
From Visitor to Prisoner
San Antonio man brings cane sword while visiting son in Bexar County Jail
Loose Cow
Cow gets loose at San Antonio A&M campus
Burning Onions
Onion truck catches fire on Frying Pan Road in Bushland
Sexual Horse Predator
Man breaks leg trying to have sex with a horse and is arrested — his third offense
Pork Roast
Semi crash in Boerne spills 20 tons of pork
Cocaine Granola Bar
San Antonio woman finds cocaine in granola bar
Fast Food Impersonator
Odessa man pretends to be cop to cut in line at fast food drive thru
Imposter Wine Snobs
U.S. Marshals destroy 500 bottles of counterfeit wine
Alarm Bells
Irving police arrest teen for building clock