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January 30, 2019 Slideshows » News

20 Adoptable Animals That Want to Watch the Super Bowl with You 

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This Super Bowl Sunday, you should have a pup or cat by your side. No matter what the score is or who wins, you should definitely make it a point to get to the Animal Defense League of Texas to find your new family member.
OF 20
"I look like I have had a bit of a rough life, but the staff here has found that I am very friendly and loving. I am energetic but strong, so a strong walking or running partner would be a good match for me. I love food and treats, so that will sure help you to train me to behave how you want and make me happy in the process!"
"I follow where my nose leads me because I love smelling things. But offer me a treat and I’ll sit for it and then gobble it up, because I also love treats! Even though I was left out on the streets because I have arthritis and my owner didn’t want to deal with it, I love and trust people. Just look at my face – you can see it’s full of love. I take medicine and feel absolutely fine and frisky. We could be great friends and have a wonderful life together, so let’s get together and talk about it, OK?"
"Hi everyone I am Brian! I am a sweet kitty that is a big social butterfly who loves attention and enjoys chin rubs. If you’re looking for a loving kitty companion, then come over so we can spend time together! I would love a forever home!"
"Look at this fluffy puppy face and you won’t be able to resist me. I’m very shy right now – so shy I have to be carried out to the grass – but I’m sure that will change once I find a human who will be patient with me and let me get comfortable in my surroundings. Even before my picture I was nosing the photographer’s head and starting to do cute puppy things. My namesake is a leader who is kind and gentle, and I hope to live up to my name if you take me home."
"My ears and, uh, more personal body parts barely clear the ground, but that doesn’t make me any less of a Titan. We bassets are big dogs packed into a long, low shape and we are well-loved for it. I love walks, howling as only a basset can do, getting belly rubs and just looking around. I’m a sweet old man who has a few old-man conditions like glaucoma and arthritis, but they are under control with medicines. I would love a home where I can lounge around when I want to and get lots of love. I promise, you can pet my ears whenever you want!"
"I’m a social but mischievous little imp. Having a limp has not stopped me from being an active cat. I really love treats and when I am in the mood I love a good cuddle. I’m still very playful and would benefit from a home with lots of toys to entertain me. When I get bored I do find ways to entertain myself but sometimes that can get me in a bit of trouble. If you’re a bit impish like me than we would make the perfect pair!"
"You can tell I’m one of those Labby-golden retriever dogs just by looking at me, and I act like one too. I chase balls and love being in the water. OK, I chase balls, but I don’t bring them back – they’re too much fun to play with! But that’s not so bad, because I’m a good girl and I am used to having a home and I want another one so much! My previous family had to move where even good girls like me aren’t allowed. So I’m waiting here for someone like you to decide I’m the right dog for you."
"I am a big girl, but that only means I’m just full of love. I love having loads of human friends; I also walk great on a leash because I love to always walk with my human pals! I’m such a good girl – ask to see me and I’ll show you that I could sit for treats. I am very treat motivated just come and ask for me so I can show you!"
"I can be a savory Quiche but I will need to “bake” for a long time in a new home. I’m very bashful and prefer to hide away instead of socializing. So go slow with me and when I say slow I mean that literally. Sudden movements startled me. I just need someone with lots of love and patience to take me home. Is that person you?"
"I am an athlete at heart! If I am not performing cool pipes in my kennel I might be outside doing leaps and whirls on the leash. What can I say? I am a big and boisterous boy! I like other dogs, but I need to be matched with other dogs that play the same way. Needless to say, I am the right dog for an active family. I’m no couch potato. but I am an amusing and fun guy to have around."
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"Hi, I’m Colt! I’m a bashful boy with cute scraggly Benji-like hair. I’m currently looking for a special person who’ll understand that I’m a bit of a nervous guy. However, I can be playful and enjoy having fun! You’ll just need to go slow with me when we meet. I’m trying my best to build up courage and I’m sure with the right person in a loving home, my personality will blossom! If you’re willing to give me a chance at a forever home, then please come spend some quality time with me!"
"Hi, I’m Socks! You can meet me in the phat camp of the cattery! I love to climb around up top and people watch. I’m a friendly gal who is looking for someone who wot’ mind me cat napping a lot. I would love to find a comfy home with someone soon! Please meet me so that we can get to know each other!"
"Don’t I have a striking coat? It’s not scarlet like my name, but it’s beautiful anyway. Let me tell you some other things about me, since I have many other wonderful qualities. Modesty obviously isn’t one of them, but hey, when you’re as special as I am, why be shy about it? I love dogs, kids and toys, which is good because playing is my favorite thing to do. Even grownups like to play. I’m friendly to everyone. I’m strong, but I know how to calm down and be loving. I mean well and I’m willing to learn if you’re willing to teach me."
"Hi, I’m Charlotte! I may appear a little shy when we meet but only a little! Just be sure to be gentle with me and I’ll eventually warm up to you. Soon you’ll see my affectionate side come out. I’m a gentle soul with polite leash manners and love children! Let’s meet soon!"
"Hi, I’m Keisha! I’m the master of putting on eyeliner! I also am the master of taking naps but really, what cat doesn’t? Overall I’m an easygoing kitty who loves to be petted and receive head rubs. I’m more than ready to move into a home with a nice person who’ll love me forever. Come on over and get to know me better!"
"I am a very shy girl but I am very sweet and loving. I also love treats and would feel much more comfortable receiving a delicious treat from you 🙂 I am a very curious girl as well and love to explore my surroundings but would love it more with you by my side!"
"Hello hello, Maui is my name, and I got to say it is great that you’re reading about me. I am as friendly as can be and as welcoming as can be! I love hugs but then again who doesn’t love snuggly hugs. It will be the best time ever to have you come over so we can meet and get to know each other!"
"No need to travel across the Atlantic to experience Italy. Just come check me out today. I’m a peaceful kitty calmly waiting for someone to take me home. Could that someone be you?"
"In my picture, you can catch a glimpse of the scar down the middle of my back. Apparently, I was burned, probably by a chemical, before I got here. That’s probably why I’m the way I am – very afraid to let anyone get close to me. I don’t like being this way and would like very much to trust someone, but it’s going to take a long time. Children and men scare me so much, I just can’t be near them. I love dogs and get quite playful around them. Someone did take me home for a while, and she thinks I have the potential to be a great dog, but I need someone with a lot of patience to let me grow out of my fear. If you think you’re that person, please come see me."
"I was found as a stray wandering the streets, now I’m here at ADL searching for my perfect home. I am an independent type of guy who will mind my business most of the time. Sometimes I’ll be in the mood for attention from people, but most times, not so much. I like to crawl around in the rafters up top on the cattery and watch people as they come into the cattery. So be sure to look up to find me because I’ll most likely be up there waiting for you."
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"I look like I have had a bit of a rough life, but the staff here has found that I am very friendly and loving. I am energetic but strong, so a strong walking or running partner would be a good match for me. I love food and treats, so that will sure help you to train me to behave how you want and make me happy in the process!"

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