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December 13, 2017 Slideshows » News

20 Adoptable Cats and Dogs That Would Make the Perfect Roommate 

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Why adopt a new family member from a big pet retailer when you can shop local? All of these adorable pups and kitties are in need of a loving home, so make sure to give a good look to find through these cuties we hand-selected from the Animal Defense League of Texas- San Antonio.
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"Hi, I’m Bruiser! I enjoy going for walks and exploring the outdoors. I’ve recently learned that I also enjoy riding in cars too. I’ve been told that I’m sweet, and I’m sure you’ll agree after you meet me. I’m the type of dog that’ll lean on you and give you kisses on your cheek!"
"I may not be a famous chemist who devised the periodic table but I’m pretty special. I’m a Hurricane Harvey dog. That means that the Animal Defense League traveled to the shelter I was in looking for a home before the storm and brought me back to find a home in San Antonio. I’ve got to say I feel like an SA dog and now I just need my forever home to come find me!"
Hi everyone, I’m Chanel, I was brought to ADL from Best Friends Animal Society who was working with ADL to transfer Hurricane Harvey pets into the shelter. I am here ready to find my forever home! I promise you will love my playful side and my adventurous side. Let’s get to know each other in person.
"When you come to my kennel, I’ll happily run to the door and greet you with wags and enthusiasm, overflowing with happiness and friendliness. But when staff takes me out to meet you, you’ll hardly recognize the shy, reluctant dog at the end of the leash. I don’t remember what happened before I came here, but I’m just so scared that it takes a long time for me to trust people. I don’t have an ounce of meanness in me – I just need someone with patience to wait for me to be ready to share my love. When that time comes, I enjoy cuddling and I’m as sweet as can be. If you have the time, the rewards are great – I promise!"
"I’m a very active boy and you won’t see me stay still for long. I like playing, and I enjoy dogs and kids over 12. I do have a problem with a disc in my back and that means I shouldn’t play rough or jump from high surfaces. But so far I haven’t had any trouble, and I plan to keep it that way. I would love to go home with you and be spoiled and loved."
Hi, I’m Disney. I was brought to ADL from Best Friends Animal Society who was working with ADL to transfer Hurricane Harvey pets into the shelter. Now I’m here and ready to find my forever home. I am a nervous kitty! Please go slow with me when we meet. I’m waiting for a special person who’ll give a shy kitty like me a chance to be loved forever. If you think you can be that special person for me, then please consider giving me a chance!
"I need you today. Please come and give, without taking. I’m looking for my Manilow to write songs about me and love me! I am a little shy, but a kind, patient person could really bring me out of my shell. If you want someone to sing love songs to, I’m the perfect dog for you!"
"I’m going to wiggle it out when I meet you. I’m so happy that my body can’t stop wiggling and my tail can’t stop wagging. I really enjoy meeting new people. I just burst with enthusiasm. I’ll make my new family so happy because I’m just so joyful. I’m warning you that my enthusiasm is contagious. Oops, too late, I already infected you. Now the only cure is to come take me home today!"
“Hello, I am Ducky! I’m not the most social cat in the cattery, in fact, I’m very shy. I prefer to hang out in high places and people-watch from above. People often pass me up all the time but I can’t help being shy. I know there’s a special person out there for me who will love me just as I am and I’m patiently waiting for that person to come into my life. Do you think it can be you?”
"A born leader I set the standard for American Stafford Terriers. I’m fun, friendly and well-behaved. I even sit for treats and I love attention. The only invading being done around here is me into your heart and I won’t surrender until you come get me!"
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"Hi, I’m Bandit! I am a bouncy little guy! I like to go for walks outside and enjoy exploring the grounds. I am a happy wiggle worm when I’m around people. I am looking for someone who will love to have wiggly me by their side. Let’s get to know each other! Come visit me today!"
"I am Gricelda! I like to hop around on things, hang out in high places and greet people. I’m enjoy attention and being pet. In fact, if you try to take my picture, I’ll probably start walking towards you and rub my face on your camera and on you. I am an FIV positive cat. That means I have Feline immunodeficiency virus. If you haven’t heard of it, I suggest you read about it and you’ll learn it’s not as bad as it sounds. I am healthy and can continue to live a ling healthy life as much as the next cat that isn’t FIV positive. Overall, I’m a sweet girl and will make a wonderful feline companion to my person. I look forward to finding my person soon!"
“I wanna rock and roll all night and party every day! I wanna rock and roll all night and party every day! Oh, well hello there! I’m just singing my favorite song. I’m an energy packed dog and my idea of a party involves dancing, jumping, wiggling around and showing off my Gene Simmons tongue! Before I came to ADL, I was partying with a pack of fleas, well those fleas were pretty wild and caused me some hair-loss. Thank goodness ADL helped me out and kicked those pesky fleas off my back! My hair is growing back and I’m doing so much better! I’m ready to find a friend who will love having silly me around. So if you’re looking for a fun pooch that’ll keep you on your toes and be goofy with you, then I’m your man! Visit me soon and let’s start rock and rollin’ together.”
"My name is FREEDOM! I won’t let you down, I will not give you up. I love love love to be social with people around me, even more so when they hand me some treats, I’ll even sit and stay to be handed a treat! Get to know me and soon enough I’ll be wanting a big hug from you! Don’t be shy, and come get to know me, I’ll be at ADL waiting!"
"Hi, I’m Gus! I don’t as for much in life, just a cozy lap to curl up in and food of course. I am a laid-back big boy and I’m ready to be someone’s lovable feline companion. Come by and visit me! If I’m not hanging up high, then I might try to snuggle in your lap. So be ready!"
"Hello, I’m Fender, I’m rather shy so please be patient with me. I promise if you do, you will find in me a loving friend that will always love you. I may be older than most pets but that’s a good thing, with age comes knowledge and I have plenty of it. If you are looking for a shy, friendly, loving, relaxed, potty trained friend then I’m the perfect match!"
"I must have been mistreated at some point in my life, because frankly, I have some behavior issues that I’m getting help resolving. I’m trying very hard because I want a new life in a forever home more than anything. I do what’s called “resource guarding” – I protect things like my food and toys and get angry when someone gets too close when I have them. I’m also uncomfortable being handled unless I’m the one who initiates it. I know good things wait on the other side, and with hard work on my part and patience and love on yours, I can be a wonderful dog again like I was before. Imagine how great it would be to be part of my journey!"
"Just like honey, I am sweet! I am also very easygoing and mellow. If you’re looking for a take-it-easy type of cat, then I’ll be the perfect kitty pal for you!"
"I’m quite the actress: When you stop by my door I’ll bark like I’m a mean girl. When you approach me, I’ll cower like I’m a scaredy cat. But when you pick me up, I’ll show my true colors: I’ll snuggle against your shoulder and not want to budge. I adore being as close as I can, and that means getting tight against your neck and loving you hard. If you can bear to put me down, I’m likely to nudge you or put my tiny legs up on yours to ask for more. If you’re into love bugs and want the sweetest little girl around, come by and get to know me, please."
"Hi, I’m Krinkles! All I’ll want is to be pet when I see people! I am very affectionate, charming, and I adore people. I’m not picky either, I’ll greet everyone instantly! I’m everyone’s pal! I am one of the FIV positive cats at ADL. FIV stands for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. I know, sounds scary but it’s not as bad as it sounds. Read up on it and you’ll learn that kitties with FIV can live long and healthy lives like cats without it. Oh yeah, they suspect that I have a food hypersensitivity because I was getting a really itchy neck when I was on another food. The nice people here switched my food and I seem to be doing so much better! My neck is even starting to heal. Now that I’ve told you all about me, why not come visit me and let me learn about you? I will be so happy to hang out with you! Maybe we can be best friends forever?"
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"Hi, I’m Bruiser! I enjoy going for walks and exploring the outdoors. I’ve recently learned that I also enjoy riding in cars too. I’ve been told that I’m sweet, and I’m sure you’ll agree after you meet me. I’m the type of dog that’ll lean on you and give you kisses on your cheek!"

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