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November 22, 2016 Slideshows » News

20 Adoptable Dogs that You Could Be Petting Right Now 

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The Animal Defense League of Texas, a no-kill shelter located 11300 Nacogdoches Road, has several dogs that are currently looking for a forever home. Check out the dogs that are currently available and just try saying no to adopting one of these cuties. It's basically impossible. All photos are courtesy of the Animal Defense League of Texas.
OF 20
“Happy-go-lucky” might be the best way to describe me. I don’t stay still for long, because life is just too exciting for that. There’s grass to run through, dogs to wrestle, tug-of-war to play, people to meet, and all kinds of other fun to be had. Some day, when I get older, I’ll rest. I bet it will be fun to learn things, if you’ll teach me. That might channel some of this energy into something more useful. How about we give it a try?"
"Look at how handsome I am! I’m a young guy, and I think there’s still puppy in me with how energetic I am. I can’t help but feel so much joy when I’m out for a walk. So if you take me for a walk, be ready to hold on tight! I’m sure that I can eventually learn to be more calm on the leash. Right now, I’m just so happy to be out of my kennel and it shows. I will fit in great with an active family and will bring so much joy to a home. If you’re looking for an outgoing furry friend, then please visit me!"
"With a name like Thunder, you would think I’m ready to conquer the world with my mighty strength and thunderous personality. I’m actually a little timid around high energy dogs. I’m also shy around children that I’m unfamiliar with, but I can learn to warm up to them. As for Cats, if I see one of those furballs around, I will have an instinct to chase them. Overall, I’m a jolly and friendly dog around people. I do have hip dysplasia, so I’ll need to take it easy. Thanks to ADL’s certified dog trainer, I’m clicker trained! I think you should meet me in person to see what tricks I can do, and let’s find out if I can become your loyal companion!"
"I have an attention-grabbing coat, which is a good thing since I love attention. I’m part shepherd, which accounts for the black saddle marking on my back, but I’m part something else, so most of the rest of me is brindle, making for an unusual combination. I do an adorable sit-shake combination, which means I paw at you while I’m sitting. If you give the down command, I’ll lie down and roll over, demanding a belly rub while scratching my back with the grass. I get along with cats, though I’m not so sure about dogs. I have a slight problem with a ligament in my back leg – the dog equivalent of the ACL – but I just have to take pills and it doesn’t bother me. I’d love for you to come play with me and maybe we could link up as a family."
"I’m listed here as a Lab/terrier mix, but what I really am is a purebred attention hound. My sole goal in life is to get attention anywhere I can find it, and I usually succeed. Of course, being a big dog, I like to mix that with a lot of exercise and play. If we’re out in the grass and you start to pet me, I’m likely to plop down, roll over and beg for a belly rub. What a great life it is to have your human rubbing your belly while the sun shines down on you! Would you please be my human?"
"OK, this is my best pleading face. Is it working? I do have magnificent ears, don’t I? Despite my look, I’m a very happy boy, playful and active, constantly looking to you for cues about what you want to do next. You’ll notice I walk a little oddly, but it’s no big deal. When I came here, the vets checked me out, and x-rays showed I had old fractures on both sides of my pelvis. But they were already healing, and as long as you keep me lean like I am now, I should have no problems from them. I don’t mind the funny walk, and I hope you don’t."
"I heard someone say I have the perfect name. My name must have something to do with being handsome, because people seem to think I’m very good-looking. Or maybe it means happy, because I’m always wagging my tail. Or maybe “goofy” is another word for playful, because I love to run around and play. I have a feeling it’s not another word for smart, because sometimes I get mixed up and do silly things. Oh! You don’t think it means…. Oh well, what does a dog need to be smart for? All we have to do is look cute or sad and our humans will do whatever we want. Now I just need to get a human. How about it?"
"Don’t even ask where I got my name, because I don’t know. But those two “i”s give me class, don’t you think? You can tell just by looking at me that I’m classy… well, maybe goofy is a better way to describe it. I’m a very sweet boy and I love to kiss you all over your face. As soon as I see you I start wagging my tail in anticipation of showing you my love. I could desiign a great life for us."
"I don’t know how I ended up in a fancy neighborhood like the 09, but that’s where I was found, and from there I was brought here to find a new home. I’m mild-mannered and easy to get along with whether you’re a dog or a kid or a grown-up. I’ll let you scratch my big ol’ head or rub my belly anytime. That’ll make me happier than a tick on a fat dog – just not this dog!"
"I can’t seem to make up my mind whether I want floppy ears or pointy ears. But I don’t have any trouble deciding what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be your dog, now and forever! I’m still just a puppy, but I already know how to sit, stay and fetch! I love kids and all dogs, but I don’t like cats. I figure I could learn to like them if someone patient taught me, since I’m so smart and I like everything else. I’m fairly calm for a puppy, very sweet, and happy. The only thing that would make me happier is to have a forever home."
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"I’m just a puppy and I’m very scared, so please don’t expect much of me right away. I like to play alone, and I bet I would enjoy playing with a person once I got familiar with one, but it might take a while to get to that point. I need someone who is patient and gentle, who will give me the time to come out of my shell, and I’m sure you will be rewarded with a faithful, loving friend."
"Do I look worried? I am, but just a little bit. I’m pretty friendly, but I’m also a bit uncertain, so you might hear a little rumble in my throat if I see something unfamiliar while I’m gently wagging my tail at you. You have to be on your guard when you’re a stray, and it takes a while to decide everything is OK. I’ve been told I have interesting markings – not just black and tan, but black and tan with speckles! I hear there’s another dog here with similar markings, but I don’t think she’s related. Anyway, I’d love to start my new life as soon as possible, so please hurry."
"When you see my big, fluffy coat and my calm demeanor, you want to throw your arms around me and give me a big hug. I’m a sweet, friendly dog, and I do love attention, but you need to know that sometimes I get anxious or uncomfortable when I’m handled in certain ways, like being touched under my rib area or when people lean directly over me. I don’t know why that happens – maybe something in my past – but a trainer is working with me, and if you adopt me, it would be good to let me keep working with a certified trainer to teach me positive associations with being handled. I’m such a good boy – I know several commands, I love toys, and I’m actually quite silly once I get to know you. I really want to be comfortable being handled, and the effort will be worth the extra love you’ll get in return."
"My name in Italian means brave or strong, and I’m trying to be as brave as I can! If you pet me, my shyness will kick in and I’ll stay still. However, I’ll happily wag my tail while you pet me. I also like yummy treats, and I will surely not be shy about that! I’ll probably put my paws on you and be your best friend if you have a bag of treats. I know that I will make a sweet and loving companion to my forever person. First, I must find that forever person for me, maybe that person can be you?"
"I must admit I’m no relation to Jimi, but I do have my own wild hair thing going. I can vocalize pretty well too, when people walk by my kennel without paying any attention to me. Right now, other than playing in water, my main activity is barking ferociously at all the other dogs, but no one knows yet if that’s just because I’m new here and trying to prove that I’m no pushover, or if I really don’t like dogs. Sometimes it just takes time."
"You probably think I got my name because I’m overweight, right? People always jump to conclusions – but this time you would be right. I’m 50 pounds of pure love, the friendliest dog you’ll ever meet. Just look at my smile! And even with this extra weight, I have lots of energy to jump up and down with excitement, because life is just so much fun, and it will be even better when I get a forever home! I’m already on a diet, and before you know it I’ll be 35 pounds of pure love, the same amount as now but just in more concentrated form."
"Please come visit me, pleasepleaseplease! Can I look any more earnest than this? Well, the truth is, I’m begging for a treat the photographer is holding, but I really do want you to come visit and choose me to be your dog. I have a reputation as a social butterfly. I get along with dogs, cats and people. I can sit and fetch on command. I can kiss and play without a command. What more could you want in a dog? Good looks? Check. Loyalty? Check. Aggressiveness? You won’t find that here – I’m a love bug. "
"I’m sure that you’ll instantly gravitate towards my welcoming personality. I’m affectionate, friendly, and playful. I’m all smiles when I’m around a crowd of folks. I get along with almost everyone such as kids and dogs. It’s best that I go to a home with a high fence because I have some impressive jumping skills. If you’re looking for a happy companion to be active with, then please give me a chance to impress you. Come by and visit me! "
"I’m a young boy and with being young comes a lot of energy! I’m still learning how to use a leash but I’m always so happy to go for a walk. I like to hand out hugs, so be prepared for my scruffy paws to come at you! My enthusiasm and silly antics will fit in wonderfully with an active family. Please visit me and let’s find out if we can be forever friends.
"I’m a little shy, or maybe just scared, at first, but I’m happy to go out for a walk and curious about everything around me. My ears perk up at every sound and I don’t miss a thing. By the time I’ve been with you for just a few minutes, I’m comfortable and happy. I’m well-behaved and calm, and I would love a new home where I could be pampered and loved. In exchange, I would give you all the love I have inside and be your best, most loyal friend."
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“Happy-go-lucky” might be the best way to describe me. I don’t stay still for long, because life is just too exciting for that. There’s grass to run through, dogs to wrestle, tug-of-war to play, people to meet, and all kinds of other fun to be had. Some day, when I get older, I’ll rest. I bet it will be fun to learn things, if you’ll teach me. That might channel some of this energy into something more useful. How about we give it a try?"

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