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April 03, 2019 Slideshows » News

20 Adoptable Dogs Waiting to Meet You at the Animal Defense League 

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Over at the Animal Defense League, there are plenty of animals that are hoping someone will drop in and take them home. Stop by and choose which you want to make a new member of the family.
OF 20
"Hello, I am Rudolph! Aren’t I a handsome boy? I’m also a nice boy but sometimes I’m a little wary around new people so please take your time with me. Before you know it, you’ll soon gain my trust and be seeing plenty of smiles from me! I enjoy the outdoors and love to go for walks. I like to sit by the side of people I know. I am looking forward to finding someone who’ll give me the chance be their best friend. Come by and meet me today!"
Moo Cow
"Hello! I’m a big boy who’s looking for my other half. I need a home where I get lots of exercises. I’m still working on my leash manners, I just so excited to go places with all of my human pals! I also really like to play but because I am a big boy my play style might be too much for smaller peeps. I really would love to find a forever home! I’d like to find a forever family that will love me always!"
"How is everyone doing? Let me start off by saying that I am very happy that you are looking at my profile and have an interest in me. You see, I really enjoy being around people because everyone around at ADL seems so friendly so I like to be friendly back to them especially when they take me out for walks! I have an idea, how about you come down to ADL and we go for a nice long walk and get to know each other? Let’s do it!"
"Helloooooo! I’m the lovely Cleo! I am a BIG love bug! My day isn’t complete until I can give you plenty of hugs and kisses! I’m an active girl who enjoys walks in the park and lots of play time. I’m looking for a forever person who will enjoy being goofy with me! Could that person possibly be you? Come by and meet me, I’ll be sure to make you smile!"
"I’m a nice girl and like most hounds, I’m an explorer who loves to go for walks. I will curiously check out the whole area while I’m out for a walk. I’m very people-friendly and will make a great companion to my forever person. I’d prefer to be the only dog in my future home so that I can have all the attention on me and shower you with kisses! Let’s hang out so that we can get to know each other better and possibly become best friends!"
"It’s hot outside and my favorite thing about that is playing in water to keep cool! I LOVE water! I also really like toys and tend to wear them out fairly quickly. I’m playful, silly and cheerful! I can’t wait to find my best friend who’ll take me out on adventures, especially ones that involve me splashing around in water. Let’s meet and find out if we can be forever pals!"
"Aren’t I such a handsome Pharaoh? I am a playful and fun guy too! I also like to smile a lot because I’m generally a happy boy around people. I also walk well on the leash. Come by and make me the Pharaoh to your home!"
"Don’t I have a striking coat? It’s not scarlet like my name, but it’s beautiful anyway. Let me tell you some other things about me, since I have many other wonderful qualities. Modesty obviously isn’t one of them, but hey, when you’re as special as I am, why be shy about it? I love dogs, kids and toys, which is good because playing is my favorite thing to do. Even grownups like to play. I’m friendly to everyone. I’m strong, but I know how to calm down and be loving. I mean well and I’m willing to learn if you’re willing to teach me."
"What do you think, is mint green my color or what? I feel pretty great sporting this collar. I’m a friendly guy, active, curious and super sweet, just waiting for a chance to have a forever home. I love people and I’m pretty good on the leash. I’m cute as can be with my one ear up, one ear down rakish look, and I would love to be your dog."
"I’m a quiet little dog who is easily spooked by strangers and loud noises. I can’t say if it’s because I’m in a new place or it’s just how I am, but I do know it will take a while to earn my trust and love, but I promise it will be worth it in the long run. I do enjoy being in your arms, and I think I would do best in a quiet environment where I can relax and enjoy my surroundings. If you have that kind of home, I would like to go there."
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"Well how do you do, I am Josie, and let me start off by saying that if you got a treat I’ll take a sit just for the said treat. Now, I got to say, I do love attention and running around outside to explore! When we meet, if you take me out to the doggie park and start handing me treats well let’s say you and I will be a match!”
Big Boy
"They don’t call me Big Boy for no reason! I have a big body with a big heart! I am a charming boy who just wants attention and TREATS! Yum! I’ll be ready to sit for a tasty treat and even shake your hand. I love food so much that I would prefer to be left alone with my food as I chow down on it. I do not share with anyone! I enjoy being around people but I prefer to go to a home with no children. I need someone strong enough to handle my strength on the leash because sometimes I forget how strong I can be. Come by and meet me! I’ll be ready to lean on you and love you! And I hope that you’ll love me right back. I can’t wait to meet you!"
"I am a pretty girl with a big smile. When I get a chance to go out, I am all about sniffing and exploring everywhere. I need to get that out of my system, then I will be ready for calmer things such as my celebrity photo shoot. I can be a little bit nervous sometimes, but other times you will hardly notice it. I would like to be the celebrity in your home!"
"Hi, I’m Colt! I’m a bashful boy with cute scraggly Benji-like hair. I’m currently looking for a special person who’ll understand that I’m a bit of a nervous guy. However, I can be playful and enjoy having fun! You’ll just need to go slow with me when we meet. I’m trying my best to build up courage and I’m sure with the right person in a loving home, my personality will blossom! If you’re willing to give me a chance at a forever home, then please come spend some quality time with me!"
"Hi, I’m Joel! Some of us dogs just can’t get into hanging out in our kennels because we find kennels boring! I’d much rather be outside where all the action is! Give me a chance to meet you outside and you’ll see what a happy boy I am! I walk well on a leash and will smile for you. Sometimes I’m on alert for squirrels and will scope out my surroundings. I can be charming and I love attention, especially when attention involves me receiving treats! I love treats and I learn very quickly. Once I get to know you, I might turn into a lap dog. I have to admit that I may get excitable during playtime, so it would be best that I go to a home with older children. I also get along great with dogs but I’d rather hang out with the calm ones. I’m ready to find my home soon! Please give me a chance to go on a stroll in the dog park with you!"
Cindy Lou
"I am a kind-hearted girl who loves to meet people and go out exploring. I love treats and will actively seek them out once I smell them or see someone holding them. But I do know how to sit nicely to receive a treat, and I am willing to learn other things to help make out life together one big happy adventure."
"I am a little guy who is proud of myself and proud of my terrific photo. I haven’t had a great life in the past, and that has left me with some skin issues and a tendency to have a bit of the shakes. My skin will get better but maybe not the other thing. I don’t think it will interfere a bit with our life together, and I know I am deserving of a much better one than I have had in the past."
"I am not exactly aerodynamic due to my age and some joint problems, but I am really quite active for my age. I have a very sweet face and when you look at my photo, you can almost understand how I am pleading to have a wonderful home and family of my own. Please come take me for a walk and please ignore my behavior for the first few minutes. I am just very happy to be out with you and I will settle down soon."
"You might see me quaking in my kennel, but I’m not really shy, just intimidated by the new situation. As soon as I get into your arms I will hug you tight and you’ll fall in love. You might think I don’t want to get down and play in the grass, but you are very wrong. As soon as you put me down, I’ll start scampering around, wagging my tail and having a grand time. If someone else passes by, I’ll jump up on them wanting attention. Try to take me back to the kennel and I’ll balk. I’m having too much fun! So don’t judge me on those first seconds – you’ve seen me as the playful, happy guy I really am. Let me be your little Pinto bean."
"Hi, I’m Imogen! I am an oldie but goodie. But don’t let my age fool you! I still got some spunk left in me especially when I see yummy treats. So you may be wondering why I have an ear missing. Well, that’s how I came to ADL and we’re not really sure how it happened but the nice hospital staff here helped clean up my ears. I am more than ready to find my forever person! I would love to go on a nice walk with you and then relax at home on a big bed next to you. Doesn’t that sound like a delightful idea? Come meet me and see how loving and great I am!"
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"Hello, I am Rudolph! Aren’t I a handsome boy? I’m also a nice boy but sometimes I’m a little wary around new people so please take your time with me. Before you know it, you’ll soon gain my trust and be seeing plenty of smiles from me! I enjoy the outdoors and love to go for walks. I like to sit by the side of people I know. I am looking forward to finding someone who’ll give me the chance be their best friend. Come by and meet me today!"

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