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November 08, 2019 Slideshows » Arts

20 Local Ways to Practice Self-Care in San Antonio 

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Whether or not you have seasonal depression or not, it's important to take care of your mental health. While there's lots of ways to do just that, we've come up with some ways to do so and doing so in a local way.
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Get some inspiration at a local museum.
No matter what your definition of self-care is, just about everyone can agree that visiting a museum is good for you. You can find inspiration there or use it just to get out of the house and do something that you might not do under normal circumstances. Either way, visit a museum to reset your perspective on things or just simply do something refreshing.
Photo via Instagram / rubycity
Fire up those muscles by exploring the Museum Reach.
Museum Reach is a great way to experience basically a variety pack of famous Alamo City sites. It’s an extension of the River Walk that touches the San Antonio Zoo, the Japanese Tea Gardens, Brackenridge Park, the Pearl, the Witte, the DoSeum and SAMA. It’s like part exercise and part exploring, but not so much exercise that you’ll be too tired to explore.
Photo via Instagram / ryanibarra24
Donate unwanted goods to a local non-profit thrift shop.
If an object isn’t useful anymore, don’t keep it! Get rid of the creepy dolls, the ugly vase that’s just taking up space and clothes that don’t match your style anymore. It can be more joyful to get rid of an unwanted object that’s going to help someone else in the community than it would be just to keep it.
Photo via Instagram / trrn.dhn
Browse for some helpful finds at Cheevers Books.
If you’re a bookish person, just walking by Cheevers on Broadway is like a self-caregasm. It doesn’t get much better than the smell of decades-old paper, antique leather bounds and anachronistic histories. You don’t even have to buy anything to get the full effect, but you should ’cause the vibes are good.
Photo via Instagram / sophiedoki_
Take a stroll — or a hike — at a local park.
Sometimes self-care means exactly what it sounds like, which is taking care of yourself. Taking a walk or a hike can help you re-center and take care of your body. It’s not running away from your problems if you’re just walking. You can find a list of our favorite outdoor spaces and parks here. Photo via Instagram / heathertakesontexas
Participate in a 5K/marathon that supports a good cause.
You might be running a couch marathon right now. Self-care doesn’t have to be limited to relaxation, though. There’s nothing that feels quite like running/walking a 5K, but there are a lot of things that feel almost just as good. One of those things is supporting a good cause. If you combine those things, then you’re on the road to self-care, and, in a way, caring for others.
Photo via Instagram / mlk5ksanantonio
Cook (or learn how to) your favorite meal with a relative.
Your abuelita gave us this idea. She’s been worried about you and wants to see you more often. Learning to cook is a special skill that gets passed from family member to family member. Not only does it teach you how to do something or improve your skills if you already know your way around the kitchen, but it cultivates familial love. Embrace the fondness that fills the kitchen when you cook with others, even if you don’t really feel like it at first. You’ll be glad you did.
Photo by Gabriela Mata
Retreat to one of SA’s surrounding towns.
Say it ain’t so! Sometimes getting out of San Antonio is the best way to perform self-care. You can go to Fredericksburg, Boerne, Castroville and Poteet, just to name a few. Many Texas small towns have their own version of hustle and bustle, but it’s totally different than that of big cities. Slowing down can really recharge your spirit.
Photo via Instagram / nothingbutroomblog
Appreciate the talent of local poets.
You don’t always have to be the creative one for creativity to be self-care. Sometimes you can let someone else be creative and enjoy their concert of words and poetry. Order some drinks, sit back and let yourself be inspired.
Photo by Casey Howell
Indulge in some CBD.
There are a lot of myths and mysteries surrounding CBD, but the important things to know are that, while it is not psychoactive (doesn’t get you high), it does have a lot of benefits. The most self-care related of these benefits is that it is an anti-inflammatory, and it can help with anxiety and depression. Increasing consumer demand for CBD products and increased research surrounding cannabinoids have led to a lot of different CBD shops being opened basically all over, including right here in the Alamo City.
Photo via Instagram / s.a.foodie
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Create something beautiful at Clay Casa.
Clay Casa is a staple of easy to come by creativity. Part of the reason Clay Casa is so cool is because you get to bring home what you create. Pick a bisque of what they already have at the store and decorate it with a variety of glazes. Basically, do whatever you like to it to make it pretty. They’ll fire it for you and everything.
Photo via Instagram / bella_0975
Rent an Airbnb to clear your headspace.
While this is *technically* running away from your problems, it can still be self-care to de-stress rather than force yourself to deal with whatever is going wrong in life. Get out of the messy house, leave ya man behind and take a mini-vacation by staying in someone else’s crib.
Photo via Airbnb / Kyle
Spend some time on the water with a fishing pole in hand.
While you do need a license to fish, it’s definitely worth getting if fishing is relaxing to you. Whether your catch is big enough to keep is almost beside the point. Getting out on the water, away from the big city, soaking up some vitamin D, and focusing on keeping your pole steady and reeling at the right time are basically the epitome for relaxation.
Photo via Instagram / 4eyesgk
Release your creative juices at Whimsy Art Studio.
BYOB + art? Sounds like a match made in heaven and nowhere near an art gallery. Especially because no skills are required. Whimsy Art Studio is cooler than a class like Painting with a Twist because you can bring whatever beverage, alcoholic or not, that you like. If creativity plus booze with friends isn’t self-care, then what is?
Photo via Instagram / alphahomesatx
Volunteer at a local non-profit/organization/charity.
It’s hard to donate money and sometimes you can’t donate your stuff, either. It be that way sometimes. Studies do show that even donating your time can make you feel great and give you a sense of purpose. Even if you don’t really feel like it, even if seasonal depression has you down, try volunteering at the food bank or with an animal shelter or river cleanup activity. It might just do you some good.
Photo via Instagram / jimenezdinner
Find your zen at the Japanese Tea Garden.
Trying to find the zen-est place in San Antonio? Look no further than the Japanese Tea Gardens located in Brackenridge Park. While it’s a pretty place to take photos and get some tea, they’re also spots to sit and observe the serene waters, lush flora and the beautiful people who visit them. Meditating or not, you can definitely find your zen here.
Photo via Instagram /
Treat yourself to some free flicks.
While the weather is nice out, enjoy it while you can. Slab Cinema shows free movies all around town, and they’re usually pretty good ones. Just bring your lawn chairs, or even just a blanket, snacks and drinks, and you’ll be down for a good time relaxing by yourself or with friends and watching a movie you don’t even have to decide on.
Photo via Instagram / slabcinema
Slow down for a meditation session.
Just about everyone can agree that meditation is self-care. Whether you take the time to reflect on your problems, to center yourself or to think about nothing of importance at all, meditation is basically ubiquitously good for you, even if you’re not stressed out. Plus, there are a ton of meditation centers in San Antonio if you can’t focus on your own or if your space isn’t the best for meditation. Yoga works too.
Photo via Instagram / shambhalasanantonio
Take in the beauty of the Alamo City at the Tower of the Americas.
This San Antonio-themed self-care idea falls into the category of doing something that you normally wouldn’t do/getting away from it all/taking in something beautiful, all in one activity. Enjoy the steady and calming elevator ride up and the beautiful sights all around you when you get up there. Hell, maybe even order an expensive meal or drinks.
Photo via Instagram / rubeen100
Seek some peace at a place of worship.
Not everyone’s religious. More power to you. But if you are, the sense of community and purpose that worshipping gives you can be self-care in and of itself. Places of worship aren’t the only places to feel a sense of community and purpose, but they can be important parts of the identities of those who are religious.
Photo via Instagram / skylinedronetx
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Get some inspiration at a local museum.
No matter what your definition of self-care is, just about everyone can agree that visiting a museum is good for you. You can find inspiration there or use it just to get out of the house and do something that you might not do under normal circumstances. Either way, visit a museum to reset your perspective on things or just simply do something refreshing.
Photo via Instagram / rubycity

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