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20 Underrated Bars in San Antonio Where You Won't See a Soul from High School 

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There's some folks you'd rather not see after senior year, so here's a few bars where you'll be safe from a blast from the past.
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Alibis Sports & Spirits
1141 E Commerce St., (210) 225-5552,
Play darts and drink beer all night without the fear of running into people from your past.
Photo via Instagram, sanantoniosocials
Cobalt Club
2022 McCullough Ave., (210) 251-2027

Cobalt Club opens at 7 a.m., but we're pretty sure you're safe from seeing folks from high school at any time at this local dive.
Photo via Instagram, beelightfull
George’s Keep
17101 La Cantera Pkwy #1200, (210) 310-3733,
With lots of nooks at this bar, you don't have to sweat seeing someone you'd rather not run into.
Photo via Instagram, georgeskeep
Cootey’s Tavern
8318 Jones Maltsberger Road, (210) 342-4998
The only folks from high school you'll see here are the ones you came with.
Photo via Instagram, romejarhead
Cross-Eyed Seagull
19141 Stone Oak Pkwy., (210) 545-3440, Cross-Eyed Seagull might not be everyone's cup of tea — thank goodness for that — which means less lines at the bar and no blasts from the past.
Photo via Instagram, kdiamond0
Web House
320 Blanco Road, (210) 531-0100
Unless your old classmates are regulars here, there's a good chance you're not going to be bumping into any faces you'd recognize from your yearbook.
Photo via Google Maps
La Roca
416 8th St.,
La Roca is still too new to be full of people you know from your high school days, which might not be a bad thing if it stayed that way.
Photo via Instagram, _danielleon_
Oak Hill Tavern
7920 Fredericksburg Road, (210) 614-8855,
Oak Hill Tavern's calls itself the "Medical centers' favorite DIVE bar since the turn of the century, for those who are tired of "The Scene." Looks like they get it.
Photo via Instagram, samaliaestrada
Betty's Battalion
1524 E Grayson St., (210) 227-9255
This rare gem in San Antonio is a great place for grabbing a beer and avoiding old faces you'd rather not see.
Photo via Flickr, Petere French
Reggae Bar
2016 Austin Hwy, (210) 772-9891
We're going to go ahead and take a our chances and say you won't see old classmates getting down at this dive.
Photo via Instagram, lpz_dnl
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Rod Dog's Saloon
2617 Wagon Wheel St., (210) 828-2582
This pub packs a neighborhood vibe, so unless your old mates are there on the regular, you can bet you won't run into them here.
Photo via Instagram, ianmcnab
Rookie’s Bar
6402 Callaghan Road, (210) 377-0909
You'll be safe here from old teachers and classmates that you've tried to forget.
Photo via Instagram, speidel2
My Brother’s Bar
845 N. St Mary's St., (210) 980-8490
It's the perfect little dive when you're looking to not be seen.
Photo via Instagram, maritoperez
Texas T Pub
121 Broadway St., (210) 271-1058
That just means more pool and cheap drinks for you.
Photo via Instagram, hasselhoss
Thirsty Horse Saloon
2335 NW Military Hwy, (210) 348-1513
This place is too big to run into anyone you know.
Photo via Instagram, thirstyhorsesaloon
The Blind Tiger
Under the Magic Time Machine, 902 NE Interstate 410 Loop,
As long as you don't mind your drinks with a side of stand-up, you'll be safe here.
Photo via Instagram, larrygarzacomedy
Coco Beach
12159 Valliant St., (210) 341-5330,
There's a good chance you won't find old classmates drinking hurricanes and Bahama Mammas here. Consider the bar all yours.
Photo via Instagram, wilberjcastro
Crazy Ape
9930 San Pedro Ave., (210) 375-5813
Crazy Ape is a great dive, but not necessarily "trendy or hipster like" as one Yelp reviewer puts it.
Photo via Instagram, golden_peanut_photography
Bar 1919
1420 S. Alamo Street, (210) 227-1420
This swanky speakeasy is not only a hidden gem, but dimly lit so you won't have to see anybody you don't want to.
Photo via Instagram, sacurrent
36 E Grayson St., (210) 223-7375,
You'll definitely see tourists, but we're betting your old high school classmates won't be found here. Order a private section with service just to be sure.
Photo via Instagram, Sternewirth
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Alibis Sports & Spirits
1141 E Commerce St., (210) 225-5552,
Play darts and drink beer all night without the fear of running into people from your past.
Photo via Instagram, sanantoniosocials


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