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August 21, 2017 Slideshows » News

25 Adoptable Dogs that Are Looking to Go Home With You Today 

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The Animal Defense League of Texas, a no-kill shelter located 11300 Nacogdoches Road, has several dogs that are currently looking for a forever home. Check out the dogs that are currently available and just try saying no to adopting one of these cuties. It's basically impossible. All photos from the Animal Defense League of Texas.
OF 25
"I should probably infuse some lavender as I come across a little crazy in my kennel. It’s only because I love getting attention and get so excited to see people! I also love toys. A house fill with all of those things would be so great. I bet that’s your house, right!"
"Beagles are known for their energy, and even though I’m only part beagle, I’m no exception. I’m a very playful boy with lots of get-up-and-go, and even though I’m 8, I’ll keep you young at heart like I am. But I’m also a lover, known for my sweetness. Any time you’re sitting, I’m likely to hop into your lap and start kissing your face. The only thing I don’t love is cats. That’s just the way it is. I sure would love to have a forever home where I could play and love and be loved again."
"Hi, I’m Turk! I’m a big ball of energy and goofiness! I like being silly around people and my silly antics may include getting jumpy. For that reason, it would be best that I go to a home with children ages 12 and up who will be okay with my energy. I also would like to meet any future furry siblings to see how well we get along before we officially become siblings. If you want a happy and lovable furry friend to go on adventures with, then I’m your guy!"
"You know how we Labs are, loving and full of energy and smart as a whip. I’m no exception. I’m a very sweet guy, happy as can be that you have come to see me. I’ll be a bit excited when you first put me on the leash, but as soon as I calm down I’ll show you how good I am at walking nicely by your side. You’ll be so proud of me! And then when you offer me a treat, I’ll sit for it like a pro. Wouldn’t you love to have such a nice dog? Here I am, waiting right here for you."
"I haven’t tried singing while I’m here, so no one knows if Aria is an appropriate name for me. But even if I don’t have a sweet voice I do have a sweet personality, and that’s what really counts. I’m eager to make friends and love going for walks. I love spending time being close to the people I love. Wouldn’t it be nice if that were you?"
"I’m the kind of bear that you cuddle with and not run from. I’m really sweet and calm. I’m curious about the world and would love to explore it with you. So what do you say? Let’s go exploring today!"
"Hi my name is Myra. I am a 3 year old American Staffordshire Terrier mix. I’m brown and white. I like to be goofy and play with you. I’m strong so I will need some training on the leash. I’m also heartworm positive which will clear up in no time. Don’t take this as a disadvantage because I am friendly and would like to go home with you! – Written by Raymond"
"Gimme a kiss! I love to have fun and I’ll make you glad I’m around. I love to go for walks, and I’m pretty good on the leash too. Splashing around in the pool is one of my favorite things, and so is playing with toys, not to mention giving kisses to my favorite people – which is just about everyone, including kids. Don’t pay any attention to my missing back leg. I don’t. My other three get me around just fine!"
"I like being a Bobby. It’s better than being a stray for sure. I’m really great! Don’t believe me. What if I say I’m really chill and calm? I know you believe me now. Why wouldn’t you? As much as I like being a Bobby at ADL I’d love to be a Bobby in your home!"
"I had lived in one home my whole life until one day, I was surrendered here. This has left me so shy and scared. It doesn’t help that thunder and loud noises scare me. Even though I am scared if you go slow, I will warm up to you. Once I do, you’ll see that I’m very gentle. I would really love to go to a new home soon. Would you come get me today?"
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"Don’t panic, that’s not a green spider crawling over my eye. It’s stitches – I just had an eye removed. It wasn’t doing me any good anyway, since I couldn’t see out of it, so I don’t mind. I’m a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, always ready to play. I love toys and treats and would love an active family that likes to keep busy. I’m smart too – I can sit, shake and fetch on command, especially if I know there’s a treat waiting for me. If you love to play as much as I do, please come see me – I’ll be right here waiting and wagging!"
"This is Buttermilk’s story. It’s not a short read or an easy one but it’s so worth it! There are so many other animals just like Buttermilk that need our help to reach their own happily ever afters! Buttermilk was a transfer from Animal Care Services. When she arrived, she was emaciated and unable to walk on one of her front legs. There was an open wound and swelling; our veterinarian could tell just by touching it that the leg was badly broken. There was also a large, firm mass located on her chest and another mass on a hind leg. Buttermilk was also found to have pyometra (an infection of the uterus that occurs in unspayed females and is often fatal if left untreated). Not only that but she also tested positive for heartworms! Surgery was immediately performed to spay her and remove the infected uterus along with the mass on her chest. Once she recovered from that surgery, the left front leg was amputated as it was too badly broken to be saved. Finally, her last procedure was to remove the mass on her back leg. Both those masses were sent off to find out what they were. The one on her chest came back as a cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma. This is likely due to chronic exposure to the sun. White animals with little pigment are prone to developing skin cancer in areas heavily exposed to the sun! The mass on the hind leg came back as a mast cell tumor. This is a cancerous tumor but it was diagnosed as low grade and completely removed. Buttermilk’s conditions didn’t end there. Poor Buttermilk also has a collapsed trachea! The rings of cartilage along the airway from her throat to her lungs are weakened and can collapse causing her to cough in a way that sounds similar to honking goose! Luckily the collapse is minimal and can be fairly easily managed. Buttermilk has gained back all of her weight and recovered from all of her surgeries. The heartworms have been treated. She’s finally, for the first time in a long time, healthy. Despite all she has been through due to sheer negligence, Buttermilk might just be the happiest tripod you get to meet! Even though all the pain and suffering Buttermilk had to endure may make us want to cry, her always, always wagging tail and big grin never fail to make us smile. Keep smiling, Buttermilk. You deserve it!"
"Hi, I’m Chevron! As you can see, I’m a stumpy bulky young man. People say I’m like a piggy because I snort a lot. But us bulldogs can’t help that! I am eager to find a home where I can be spoiled and be the only furbaby. Please consider meeting me soon! You can adopt me now for $175."
"Huh, what did you say? I’m sorry I’m not ignoring you I just have a short attention span. Oh, sorry what were we talking about? I was telling you about myself you say. Well…I’m hyper, jumpy and happy…sorry were we doing something? Yes, I know it can be frustrating but I promise if you take me home you’ll never be bored!"
"I’ve been here for over 4 months looking for a home and haven’t found one yet. I think people should give me a chance and find out how fun I can be! One fun fact about me is that I love to cuddle and I’m completely fine if you want to carry or hug me! I also do this cute thing when you have a treat for me, I’ll stand up on my hind legs and “reach for the stars”. I’m playful, friendly and I get along with all humans. As for dogs, I mostly get along with male dogs. I’ve actually become good buddies with another dog named Bastian but he has already found his home, now it’s my turn! I also enjoy splashing around in water and chasing cats. I’ve been told I have interesting markings – not just black and tan, but black and tan with speckles! Anyway, I’d love to start my new life with you as soon as possible, so please hurry!"

"Hello! I am Clementine! I know I don’t look so happy in my photo but I’m usually in a pretty good mood. I’m calm when I’m out for a walk so I’ll make a good walking buddy. I might be a tint of yellow when you see me because I like rolling around in the dirt but my real color is white. I’m one of the heartworm positive dogs and currently undergoing treatment. The cost of my heartworm treatment is covered by ADL until I’m heartworm free. I’ll probably do best in a home where I’m the only furbaby. Visit me, let’s go for a walk and let’s think about becoming best friends."
"Hi, the staff and I are getting to know each other. I’ll tell you what, if you think you might be interested in me, please visit me or contact us to see if they’ve learned anything new about me!"
"If I act aggressive as you walk by my kennel, it’s just because I feel vulnerable. Given just a short time, I get very attached to people, and then if they leave me, my little heart gets broken. But I’m quite the cuddler once I get used to you. You’ll notice that I walk a bit oddly, with my back legs not working quite right. Apparently I was attacked by a bigger dog at some point and the discs in my back were damaged. When I got here I couldn’t even use my back legs, but they’ve gotten a lot better. No one knows if they’ll continue to improve, but I’m supposed to be a quiet dog from now on – no roughhousing for me, and ramps or stairs instead of jumping – so it doesn’t get worse. So if you want dog to love instead of one to exercise, please consider me."
"Have you always wanted a husky but didn’t want to deal with a large dog? I may be the answer to your dreams. My face says husky, but my body… well, think maybe dachshund, corgi, something like that, long and low to the ground. I’m a senior dog but I’m plenty frisky, and when I’m excited I bounce on my front legs – it’s very cute. I’m well behaved and I adore being petted and rubbed. I do well with other dogs and with kids, so if you have either, that’s fine with me. Come take me for a stroll and see what a great dog I am."
"I’m very unsure about being here. I know that being here is better than living on the streets as a stray. I absolutely adore the people who feed and take care of me but for anyone else just forget about it. I’m just a scared boy living in the shelter world. Go slow with me and gain my trust. Once you do, I will become the most loyal and loving dog ever. Come take a chance on a shy boy like me today because shy dogs love the best!"
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"I am as powerful as the Greek God I’m named after. No, I don’t throw lightning bolts (that would be pretty awesome) but I am strong and I need to work on my leash skills. I’m also a happy boy and I love treats. Like any higher being, I am picky about who gets to have my friendship. So if you have a dog at home, please bring the dog so we can make sure the dog is worthy enough to be my friend. Let me enlighten your world and come get me today!"
"I’m going to get in your face but I’m not trying to be mean. I’m just a goofy and playful dog who knows no boundaries. I’m a smart dog who can learn some boundaries if I’m in a forever home. Perhaps in your home?"
"If I’m a little bit shy at first, give me a few minutes and before you know it I’ll be your pal. Even though I’m big, the world can still be a scary place when I don’t have a home. But I love going for walks, and if you ask the staff they’ll let you take me for one, and that’s my favorite thing. I’m a good boy – I know the sit command and I like kids. I’m also very handsome with my gray and tan light brindle coat. I can be selective with who my dog friends are, so I’d like to meet my potential sibling first. If you will come for a visit, we can have a great time, and if you decide to take me home, I’ll be your best friend forever!"
"I’m a fun and lovable bouncy meatball! I’m always so wiggly around people because I get excited and crave attention! I’d fit in great with a family with kiddos but as for other dogs, I’d prefer to meet future dog siblings before we decide to make it official. Well, what are you waiting for? Visit me and let’s be goofy together!"
"My ear always looks like it’s flapping in the wind. With one ear up and one ear down, it certainly gives me a unique look. I get lots of attention for it and I love attention. I love it so much that I would prefer to live in a home where I’m the only furbaby so that I can have all the attention on me. I am always ready to play and smile for you! If you’re looking for an active, playful and happy dog, then please visit me!"
"I should probably infuse some lavender as I come across a little crazy in my kennel. It’s only because I love getting attention and get so excited to see people! I also love toys. A house fill with all of those things would be so great. I bet that’s your house, right!"

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