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December 02, 2016 Slideshows » News

25 Adoptable Dogs that Want to Go Home With You 

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The Animal Defense League of Texas, a no-kill shelter located 11300 Nacogdoches Road, has several dogs that are currently looking for a forever home. Check out the dogs that are currently available and just try saying no to adopting one of these cuties. It's basically impossible. All photos are courtesy of the Animal Defense League of Texas.
OF 25
"For such a young girl – I’m still just a young puppy – I sure am smart. I can sit and stay on command for a treat, and I’m eager to learn more. Look at my eyes, how I look at the person giving the commands, waiting for the next one. It’s fun to learn! When I’m not learning new commands, I’m busy learning all about my world by sniffing and studying everything around me. That’s fun too! It’s best that I go home with older considerate kids. I can be a little picky with my dog friends, so I’d prefer to meet with my future dog brother or sister before we decide to become dog buddies. I’m pretty calm for my age, but I have a mischievous streak, so keep an eye on me!"
"How can you resist these sweet eyes and adorable ears? I hope you can’t, but that’s not all there is to me. I’m gentle and easygoing, great on the leash, good with dogs and kids, and if your face gets close to mine I’m likely to give you a big smooch. My brindle coat is quite beautiful, and did I mention my sweet eyes and adorable ears? I love being around people, and I need a new home, so I really would appreciate your taking some time with me and thinking about making me your dog."
"I’m very shy and sometimes hard to read. I’m looking for a patient person to teach me that everything will be okay and to relax. Please come up to me slowly and talk to me in a soft voice. If you do, I just may look up at you with my loving beady eyes and start wagging my tail. However, you should be very gentle with me because I get startled quite easily, even when you’d least expect me to. The ADL staff is working with me to break me out of my shell and to guide me in trusting people. If you’re willing to open up your home to a shy guy like me and love me for who I am, then please visit me!"
"Want to see a balancing act that will brighten your day? Then visit me! I’ll be sure to entertain you and make you laugh! I’ll stand up on my two back hind legs so that I can get attention from everyone around me. It usually works well! People can’t resist my balancing act and I have this cute curled tail that’s very similar to a pig’s tail. It gives me character. I love to be held and sit in everyone’s lap. I also might rollover on my back and request belly rubs. I love belly rubs! I will bring so much joy to my forever home. Please visit me to see my antics in action."
"I’m such a happy girl that you would never think I had been through tough times in my life. Besides the fact that I don’t have a true forever home yet, I also had a battle with cancer. It wasn’t easy, but thanks to the help of the ADL hospital staff, I am now a cancer survivor! Now I can playfully romp around and be my energetic happy self. I’m very friendly, and I give out hugs instantly to new people that I meet. Sometimes I forget how strong my paws can be, so it’s best that I’m not around small children. I could go home with children 12+ or children very familiar with dogs. I’m selective with who my dog friends are, so I will need to meet my future dog siblings before I move in with them. I’m a big girl with a big heart filled with lots of love to give. Overall, I’d make a loyal companion to a loving person and I hope that person can be you."
"I may not look like it in my photo, but I’m an energetic, friendly, happy dog who is always glad to see you and ready to play. The crinkled ear and off-center nose just add to my unique charm, don’t you think? Seriously, to know me is to love me. I’m quite well behaved for a playful girl – I really just want to please you and be with you. Come visit me and you’ll understand."
"A lot of people are looking for a social and active pup but I’m the opposite. That doesn’t mean I’m not a sweetie and that I can’t learn to trust. I’m just shy and need time to warm up to people. It’s rough being this way but I’m hopeful that someone with a special heart and a lot of patience comes into my life soon. I need someone who will guide me and help me realize that everything will be okay. Do you think you can be that special someone for me?"
"Look at how handsome I am! I’m a young guy, and I think there’s still puppy in me with how energetic I am. I can’t help but feel so much joy when I’m out for a walk. So if you take me for a walk, be ready to hold on tight! I’m sure that I can eventually learn to be more calm on the leash. Right now, I’m just so happy to be out of my kennel and it shows. I will fit in great with an active family and will bring so much joy to a home. If you’re looking for an outgoing furry friend, then please visit me!"
"If you’re a fan of Dr. Who, you know that the Tardis, the blue telephone booth, is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. I’m kind of like that – my body is small, but the amount of energy inside is huge. I come bursting out of my kennel ready to play, run, investigate and just have a grand old time. Being little, I like little people – children – as well as big people. I know the stay command, and maybe some others, but I haven’t revealed all my secrets. Take me home and I’ll share more of them with you!"
"You can’t tell from the part of me that shows in this photo, but I have the spotted-patch markings of an Australian cattle dog. You also can’t tell from the part of me that shows that I have the markings of a dog that loves water – meaning the bottom part of my body has a lot of mud on it! I do clean up well though, and my playful, loving nature makes up for the mud – at least I hope it does. If I had to choose between getting muddy and going home with you, I would give up the mud in a flash!"
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"We dogs are pretty amazing animals. When you meet me you’ll find me sweet, playful but well behaved, I make good eye contact, and I know the sit command. I obviously enjoy being with people. You’ll also notice I’m quite thin. When I was first brought to a shelter, I was even thinner, because I was either lost for a long time or abandoned. But we dogs know that most people love us and we trust them to help us, and that’s what has happened. Now I’m healthy and happy and gaining weight, and I’m ready to start my new life. Are you ready to be part of it?"
"Do I look worried? I am, but just a little bit. I’m pretty friendly, but I’m also a bit uncertain, so you might hear a little rumble in my throat if I see something unfamiliar while I’m gently wagging my tail at you. You have to be on your guard when you’re a stray, and it takes a while to decide everything is OK. I’ve been told I have interesting markings – not just black and tan, but black and tan with speckles! I hear there’s another dog here with similar markings, but I don’t think she’s related. Anyway, I’d love to start my new life as soon as possible, so please hurry."
"OK, I don’t need to tell you I’m kind of a goofball. My picture says it all. But I’m a sweet goofball. I adore attention, and I’m a nice boy who just likes to have fun. I know the sit command and I think I’m smart and can learn a lot more – I’ve just never had the chance to try. But I’ll look in your eyes and try to figure out what you expect me to do next, and that’s a good sign. I’m very affectionate, and I’d like the chance to win your heart."
"I’m a bit timid right now – not really shy, just kind of scared because I’m in a new situation. I’m happy to be taken out of my kennel and friendly to new people, but new things tend to upset me. I’m not usually like this, and the kennel workers know I like dogs, cats and kids, so I know once I get settled in my forever home I’ll be a happy, playful dog like I used to be. I hope you’ll give me a chance to show you what a great dog I really am."
"The nice thing about scruffy dogs like me is that you have choices. Some people like their dogs scruffy, and if you do, I’m already perfect. I’m wiry and shaggy and cute as a button. I like other dogs, I have lots of energy, and I enjoy long walks. If you prefer your dog a bit more refined, that’s easy. A trip to the groomer and I can be as fluffy and froufrou as you like. I’ll even wear a bow in my hair – as long as it’s not pink. Whatever you decide about my appearance, I’ll love you for giving me a forever home."
"How “Far” must I “Go” to convince you that I want to be your dog? I’m so excited to have the chance to show myself off, I might get a little carried away and appear a tiny bit hyper. OK, make that a lot hyper. But right here on the card on my kennel, it says I’m “amazing” on the leash! So if I pull, it’s just because I really want to go home with you right now. Give me a chance and I’ll prove to you what a wonderful dog I am."
"I’m an active and bright gal who is keen on keeping busy. I’ll be your companion whether you like to walk or jog. I am quite friendly however I like to be slow and respectful when I meet new people. Let’s become best friends and stay healthy together!"
"I heard someone say I have the perfect name. My name must have something to do with being handsome, because people seem to think I’m very good-looking. Or maybe it means happy, because I’m always wagging my tail. Or maybe “goofy” is another word for playful, because I love to run around and play. I have a feeling it’s not another word for smart, because sometimes I get mixed up and do silly things. Oh! You don’t think it means…. Oh well, what does a dog need to be smart for? All we have to do is look cute or sad and our humans will do whatever we want. Now I just need to get a human. How about it?"
"You’re here to see me? Come on in! Let me tell you about myself! Yes, I weigh 65 pounds and I look like a rascal, but I’m really gentle and even tempered. I have a sweet nature, and I know the sit and down commands and I’m easy to walk. I like cats and dogs and kids, so if you want to go visit the cattery or another kennel and pick up a pal for me while you’re here, that would be fine. Just please don’t leave without me. I’m a big, lovable bear of a dog and I need a home."
"“Happy-go-lucky” might be the best way to describe me. I don’t stay still for long, because life is just too exciting for that. There’s grass to run through, dogs to wrestle, tug-of-war to play, people to meet, and all kinds of other fun to be had. Some day, when I get older, I’ll rest. I bet it will be fun to learn things, if you’ll teach me. That might channel some of this energy into something more useful. How about we give it a try?"
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"Please come visit me, pleasepleaseplease! Can I look any more earnest than this? Well, the truth is, I’m begging for a treat the photographer is holding, but I really do want you to come visit and choose me to be your dog. I have a reputation as a social butterfly. I get along with dogs, cats and people. I can sit and fetch on command. I can kiss and play without a command. What more could you want in a dog? Good looks? Check. Loyalty? Check. Aggressiveness? You won’t find that here – I’m a love bug."
"I can’t seem to make up my mind whether I want floppy ears or pointy ears. But I don’t have any trouble deciding what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be your dog, now and forever! I’m still just a puppy, but I already know how to sit, stay and fetch! I love kids and all dogs, but I don’t like cats. I figure I could learn to like them if someone patient taught me, since I’m so smart and I like everything else. I’m fairly calm for a puppy, very sweet, and happy. The only thing that would make me happier is to have a forever home."
"With a name like Thunder, you would think I’m ready to conquer the world with my mighty strength and thunderous personality. I’m actually a little timid around high energy dogs. I’m also shy around children that I’m unfamiliar with, but I can learn to warm up to them. As for Cats, if I see one of those furballs around, I will have an instinct to chase them. Overall, I’m a jolly and friendly dog around people. I do have hip dysplasia, so I’ll need to take it easy. Thanks to ADL’s certified dog trainer, I’m clicker trained! I think you should meet me in person to see what tricks I can do, and let’s find out if I can become your loyal companion!"
"I’m listed here as a Lab/terrier mix, but what I really am is a purebred attention hound. My sole goal in life is to get attention anywhere I can find it, and I usually succeed. Of course, being a big dog, I like to mix that with a lot of exercise and play. If we’re out in the grass and you start to pet me, I’m likely to plop down, roll over and beg for a belly rub. What a great life it is to have your human rubbing your belly while the sun shines down on you! Would you please be my human?"
"I have an attention-grabbing coat, which is a good thing since I love attention. I’m part shepherd, which accounts for the black saddle marking on my back, but I’m part something else, so most of the rest of me is brindle, making for an unusual combination. I do an adorable sit-shake combination, which means I paw at you while I’m sitting. If you give the down command, I’ll lie down and roll over, demanding a belly rub while scratching my back with the grass. I get along with cats, though I’m not so sure about dogs. I have a slight problem with a ligament in my back leg – the dog equivalent of the ACL – but I just have to take pills and it doesn’t bother me. I’d love for you to come play with me and maybe we could link up as a family."
"For such a young girl – I’m still just a young puppy – I sure am smart. I can sit and stay on command for a treat, and I’m eager to learn more. Look at my eyes, how I look at the person giving the commands, waiting for the next one. It’s fun to learn! When I’m not learning new commands, I’m busy learning all about my world by sniffing and studying everything around me. That’s fun too! It’s best that I go home with older considerate kids. I can be a little picky with my dog friends, so I’d prefer to meet with my future dog brother or sister before we decide to become dog buddies. I’m pretty calm for my age, but I have a mischievous streak, so keep an eye on me!"

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