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November 09, 2016 Slideshows » Arts

25 Adoptable Dogs That Will Mend Your Broken Heart after This Election 

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The Animal Defense League of Texas, a no-kill shelter located 11300 Nacogdoches Road, has several dogs that are currently looking for a forever home. Check out the dogs that are currently available and just try saying no to adopting one of these cuties. It's basically impossible. All photos are courtesy of the Animal Defense League of Texas.
OF 26
"My name in Italian means brave or strong, and I’m trying to be as brave as I can! If you pet me, my shyness will kick in and I’ll stay still. However, I’ll happily wag my tail while you pet me. I also like yummy treats, and I will surely not be shy about that! I’ll probably put my paws on you and be your best friend if you have a bag of treats. I know that I will make a sweet and loving companion to my forever person. First, I must find that forever person for me, maybe that person can be you?"
"Just look at my smile! It’s true, I can be a bit on the shy side when we meet, but as soon as I know you’re awesome I’ll flash you my goofy grin and we’ll be buds forever. I love to run and play as much as I love to sit and relax. Sure, I’m big and strong but I walk well on the leash. Short walks around the block with you would be fantastic. All I want is someone to love me and give me a home where I can play for a bit and then come inside and rest at your feet. If you have a safe place for me and lots of love to share, then come and meet me soon!"
"That’s not my tongue sticking out – that’s my tag! I’m a very nice, well-behaved little dog, and I wouldn’t do something like that. Look, I even put on eyeliner for my photo shoot, and that’s not easy for a dog, but I wanted to look my best. You will get a glimpse of my tongue when you come visit, though, because I’m an affectionate girl who is likely to give you lots of kisses. Come see me, and I promise I’ll give you some."
"You’ve heard the expression “his bark is worse than his bite.” I’m sort of like that – except that I don’t have a bite at all, just an impressive bark for a dog my size. Oh, and a lovely smile. I get along with just about everyone – dogs, playful cats, and kids as long as they’re older than about 8. I haven’t had any experience with younger ones. I walk pretty well on the leash, but I have lots of energy and need some space to run around on my own too. I sure would like to talk with you about settling in with you. I think we could be happy together."
"Walk up to my kennel and you will see my body wiggle with excitement! You would think that I’m a puppy with how rambunctious my personality can be, but I’m actually 2 years old and full of life and love. I love people and playing with other dogs. I also enjoy laying in the grass and dragging my little wiggle body across it. I will fit in wonderfully with an active and loving family and I hope to meet my family soon!"
"What do you think I’m thinking in my photo? I seem to be looking deep into your soul, searching for just the right emotion to play on that will make you want me as your forever dog. I won’t tell you if I’m really just wondering if you have a treat for me. We dogs are mysterious creatures. Playful, too – at least I am. I’m always up for a walk or a good romp. But I’m good on the leash and I know how to behave when I’m expected to. I enjoy being with children and other dogs as well as adults. In other words, I’m the perfect dog for you. So, when are we going home?"
"When you first meet me, I may not let you in on my secret. You’ll see a playful, loving puppy who is all legs and who loves belly rubs. But then something will catch my attention, and there – my secret is out as I spread my wings! Well, they’re really ears, but they look like big, beautiful wings. See them in my photo? They came out for the photographer’s squeaky toy. Even without my secret, though, I’d make a wonderful companion for any family. Just look at my face – doesn’t your heart melt? I’d love to be your forever dog and give you all my love."
"I don’t know how I ended up in a fancy neighborhood like the 09, but that’s where I was found, and from there I was brought here to find a new home. I’m mild-mannered and easy to get along with whether you’re a dog or a kid or a grown-up. I’ll let you scratch my big ol’ head or rub my belly anytime. That’ll make me happier than a tick on a fat dog – just not this dog!"
"Free hugs for everyone! Yes, I’m that guy! I don’t care who you are but I will immediately greet you with my paws. I’m still a bit short when I stand up so I might end up just hugging your leg and not let go. Just be prepared for my paws to come at you, I hope you won’t mind. I’m just so happy around people and like to burn off energy running and playing. If you’re looking for a jogging buddy and happy companion, I’m probably your guy!"
"If you like extroverts, you’ll love me. I’ve never met a stranger. I’m always happy and ready to visit, whether it’s to play or cuddle – though I’m so wiggly, I usually have to wind down before I’m ready to cuddle. I haven’t had any training, but I’m young and eager to please, so there’s nothing to stop me from learning whatever you want to teach me. I could be a star! Or I could just be your loving companion. It’s your choice. Just please let me be your dog."
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"I’m a sweet little gal that enjoys running and playing. I like all kinds of people, kids, and dogs. My perfect home would be one with a loving family who will provide me with toys to play with. I’d also like someone who will take me out for walks. Come by and visit me, I will look at you with my loving brown eyes to hopefully convince you to take me home with you."
"Can I be your princess? I’m not expecting to be treated like royalty, I just want a comfy home where I will be loved. All I really want is a warm bed or comfy couch where I can cuddle up next to my best friend. I like playing with toys, so having a few toys around would be lovely. I have a sweet, friendly, and affectionate personality. Those are all great qualities in a dog, don’t you think? Come by and visit spunky little me and let’s find out if I can be your princess."
"Yes, I have two eyes! I’m just so scruffy that only one eye was able to peer out from beneath my furry eyebrow in this photo. I was also having difficulty looking directly at the camera because I’m so very camera shy. However, I’m not only just camera shy, I’m incredibly shy in general. For this reason, I’m going to need a patient and special person in my life who will love me for who I am. I need someone that can spend quality time with me and show me that everything will be okay. Do you think you can be that person for me?"
"I have such a great smile in this photo that you would never think that I’m a shy girl. I will need some time to get to know you first before I feel comfortable. I have broken out of my shell with some people here at ADL. Just look at my happy smile in this photo! I was smiling because I was being taken out for a walk. I like quiet time, car rides, toys and splashing around in water. I’m also very smart! I know the sit, down, and crawl commands. I even know how to give out high fives! I’m looking for a patient person who will love me for who I am, just be gentle with me and I’ll be sweet to you."
"I must admit, I was a little nervous having my photo taken. I think I mostly wanted everyone to get back to petting me. I really like that. I make adorable little sounds, almost like whimpering but much happier, when I’m being petted. I give nice little kisses to thank you, too. One thing I really enjoy is splashing around and being silly in my pool on a hot day. I’d really love to go home with some nice people to a place where I can feel comfortable and loved. Would you be interested?"
"For such a young girl – I’m still just a young puppy – I sure am smart. I can sit and stay on command for a treat, and I’m eager to learn more. Look at my eyes, how I look at the person giving the commands, waiting for the next one. It’s fun to learn! When I’m not learning new commands, I’m busy learning all about my world by sniffing and studying everything around me. That’s fun too! It’s best that I go home with older considerate kids. I can be a little picky with my dog friends, so I’d prefer to meet with my future dog brother or sister before we decide to become dog buddies. I’m pretty calm for my age, but I have a mischievous streak, so keep an eye on me!"
"I’m an easy-going guy whose tail is like a metronome, swishing back and forth at a constant, slow beat. I’m sweet and calm and well-behaved, and I love attention. I’m certainly no Grouch! I’m a senior dog, and like many seniors, I have a few medical issues: I have a bit of high blood pressure, which I’m on medication for, and a slight heart murmur. But I feel great and I’m eager to find my forever home. Please come by, pet me for a while, maybe take me for a walk, and think about adopting me. You won’t be sorry!"
"Just look at my happy face. Doesn’t that make you smile? I’m a yellow Lab, so of course I’m happy! I’m also playful and affectionate. I’m smart too, and I already know the sit command, so I should be easy to teach whatever you want me to learn. I’m ready for my forever home where I can be the only furbaby so that I can have all the attention on me! I’ll love you, make you happy and share my life with you. I’m ready for you – are you ready for me?"
"I was a little camera shy when I was having my portrait taken. I wasn’t sure how to react so I made this funny face. Please know that I’m a sweet and gentle little guy that likes to be held. I walk well on the leash and will make a great calm companion to my forever human. Come by and meet me to get to know me better!"
"I’m an energetic, strong boy – I think “hyper” is the word I keep hearing the humans use to describe me. But I also love squeaky toys and my Kong toy, so I do know how to play quietly — well, I’m quiet even if the toy isn’t. I’m learning how to walk nicely on the leash, which isn’t easy for a dog with as much energy as I have, but I’m making progress and I’m sure that very soon I’ll be perfect at it. Wouldn’t you be proud to have such a good-looking, well-trained dog walking by your side, the envy of all the other dog owners in the neighborhood?"
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"I am every bit as sweet as I look. I’m even-tempered and gentle, and my favorite thing to do is just hanging out with people. I have a lot of greyhound in me, and that makes people think I want to run and be very active, but the truth is greyhounds are major couch potatoes. I love going for walks, but nothing beats just hanging out with my human or canine best friends. Can you be my best friend?"
"I’m often told that I’m beautiful. I hope you agree! When I first arrived to ADL about 98% of my hair was gone due to demodex mange. It wasn’t easy for me to deal with, but I’m so happy that the hospital staff at ADL helped me get through it. Now it’s hardly noticeable that I was ever missing hair. That’s why I like to show off my beautiful coat and beneath this coat is a big heart! I’m sweeter than the marmalade fruit preserves and have an instinct to shower everyone with hugs and kisses. Overall, I’m a joyous gal to have around! I prefer to be the only furbaby in a home but if another dog is calm enough, I’d probably be okay with sharing a home with them. I hope to find someone that will love me forever and I hope that person will be you!"
"I’m a young boy and with being young comes a lot of energy! I’m still learning how to use a leash but I’m always so happy to go for a walk. I like to hand out hugs, so be prepared for my scruffy paws to come at you! My enthusiasm and silly antics will fit in wonderfully with an active family. Please visit me and let’s find out if we can be forever friends."
"I’m a little shy, or maybe just scared, at first, but I’m happy to go out for a walk and curious about everything around me. My ears perk up at every sound and I don’t miss a thing. By the time I’ve been with you for just a few minutes, I’m comfortable and happy. I’m well-behaved and calm, and I would love a new home where I could be pampered and loved. In exchange, I would give you all the love I have inside and be your best, most loyal friend."
"I’m sure that you’ll instantly gravitate towards my welcoming personality. I’m affectionate, friendly, and playful. I’m all smiles when I’m around a crowd of folks. I get along with almost everyone such as kids and dogs. It’s best that I go to a home with a high fence because I have some impressive jumping skills. If you’re looking for a happy companion to be active with, then please give me a chance to impress you. Come by and visit me!"
"Just as my video-game namesake is known for his jumping ability, I’m known for jumping too. I don’t jump fences or anything like that – I’m a good boy. I do like to jump up to give kisses and because I’m excited to be around people, and I’m still young, barely out of puppyhood. I do eventually calm down though. I’ve been with a family most of my life, but their circumstances changed and they brought me here to find a new one. They say I’m good with kids over 10 and that I’m friendly and playful. They say I need a yard and lots of exercise. You can see for yourself how cute I am. I’m looking forward to having a family again, as soon as possible."
"My name in Italian means brave or strong, and I’m trying to be as brave as I can! If you pet me, my shyness will kick in and I’ll stay still. However, I’ll happily wag my tail while you pet me. I also like yummy treats, and I will surely not be shy about that! I’ll probably put my paws on you and be your best friend if you have a bag of treats. I know that I will make a sweet and loving companion to my forever person. First, I must find that forever person for me, maybe that person can be you?"

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