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September 29, 2016 Slideshows » Arts

25 Puppers Who are Looking for a New Home 

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The Animal Defense League of Texas, a no-kill shelter located 11300 Nacogdoches Road, has several dogs that are currently looking for a forever home. Check out the dogs that are currently available and just try saying no to adopting one of these cuties. It's basically impossible. All photos are courtesy of the Animal Defense League of Texas.
OF 25
Want to see a balancing act that will brighten your day? Then visit me! I’ll be sure to entertain you and make you laugh! I’ll stand up on my two back hind legs so that I can get attention from everyone around me. It usually works well! People can’t resist my balancing act and I have this cute curled tail that’s very similar to a pig’s tail. It gives me character. I love to be held and sit in everyone’s lap. I also might rollover on my back and request belly rubs. I love belly rubs! I will bring so much joy to my forever home. Please visit me to see my antics in action.
They call me the wiggle monster! My little 10 pound body is packed full of energy and so much love! I’m playful and enjoy running around. I’m still learning how to walk on a leash, so don’t be surprised if I fling my wiggly body onto the ground during a walk in the park. I get along with dogs, kiddos, and everyone. I’m very young and ready to start the rest of my life in a fun home with an active family. Please visit me to see my enthusiastic personality in action!
I’m an energetic, happy little (and I do mean little) guy whose antics will keep you laughing. Some of those antics involve the part of me right under my curly tail hitting the ground and bouncing back up again, but I can’t help it. The kneecaps on my back legs won’t stay in place and it makes my back half fall a lot, but I don’t even notice. I might need surgery later if it gets worse, but right now I’m just a normal Chihuahua who should probably spend a little more time cuddling and a little less time running – which is fine with me. All I need is a loving human to cuddle with me!
I’m such a happy girl that you would never think I had been through tough times in my life. Besides the fact that I don’t have a true forever home yet, I also had a battle with cancer. It wasn’t easy, but thanks to the help of the ADL hospital staff, I am now a cancer survivor! Now I can playfully romp around and be my energetic happy self. I’m very friendly, and I give out hugs instantly to new people that I meet. I’m a big girl with a big heart filled with lots of love to give. Overall, I’d make a loyal companion to a loving person and I hope that person can be you.
You can’t tell from the part of me that shows in this photo, but I have the spotted-patch markings of an Australian cattle dog. You also can’t tell from the part of me that shows that I have the markings of a dog that loves water – meaning the bottom part of my body has a lot of mud on it! I do clean up well though, and my playful, loving nature makes up for the mud – at least I hope it does. If I had to choose between getting muddy and going home with you, I would give up the mud in a flash!
One minute I am bouncing straight up and down because someone is coming to see me, the next I am trembling in that person’s arms and looking all sad for my photo. In reality I am active and playful and I do like to be on someone’s lap, but only for a minute – then I will find something else that captures my attention and I am ready to go again! I do like to kiss someone, and I even do that enthusiastically. What’s not to love about life? I am tiny, I am might, and I am ready to go home with you.
Sure, gold and silver are nice, but I bet you can guess what I think is better. And once you meet me, you’ll agree. I’m not exactly soft and malleable like the metal – in fact, I’m pretty strong and active or my age – but I know how to be calm and well-behaved too. I just have a zest for life that shows in everything I do. Sometimes it shows as a kind of goofiness, like when I suddenly drop and roll over on my back, begging for a belly rub. I do need some special care because of a chronic kidney problem that requires medication, special food and keeping an eye out to make sure everything stays good. But I feel great and I sure would love to go home with you.
Yes I do, no I don’t, yes I do … when you come to my kennel, I show you I want to come out and visit, but then I get shy, but I really, really want to be friends, but I’m not quite sure, but I’m tempted …. Once I take the plunge, I’m so glad, because I love people and enjoy being around them. I like children too, and small calm dogs. I think life will be so wonderful when I can live with people who love me.
Don’t let my expression fool you, I’m a friendly girl! I can sometimes be shy but I’m generally energetic and happy. I enjoy rolling around in the grass and being the goofball that I am. I’m playful and love splashing around in my pool. I love treats, and if you ask me to, I’ll even sit for a treat! Can’t you imagine these loving eyes waking you up with kisses and love? Come by and visit me today!
My hair is so black, I must remind someone of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, hostess of late-night horror movies. Do I look like that kind of girl to you? I do love to kiss, and I don’t wait until I’ve known you long to get started, but that’s because I’m so friendly and sweet. My little stub of a tail wags so hard my whole back end wiggles when I see a new person. I’m a very gentle, well-behaved dog, and I think I’d be a great companion for just about anyone.
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Every once in a while there comes a dog like me. A dog who needs a best friend in his life that has the patience to teach him that everything will be okay. I’ve had a rough time finding that special person who will take me into their home. I know that I already have the cuteness going for me with my beady eyes and scraggly hair, but it’s still been a struggle finding that special person. Even though I’m shy, I will still let you hold me close to you. I hope that I can learn to be as brave as Severus Snape from the Harry Potter stories. FYI – I was once named Snape, but everyone felt that I was more of a Freddy. I just want a forever home where I can learn to relax and settle down with my true best friend.
I must admit I’m no relation to Jimi, but I do have my own wild hair thing going. I can vocalize pretty well too, when people walk by my kennel without paying any attention to me. Right now, other than playing in water, my main activity is barking ferociously at all the other dogs, but no one knows yet if that’s just because I’m new here and trying to prove that I’m no pushover, or if I really don’t like dogs. Sometimes it just takes time.
Please, look into my eyes so that I can hypnotize you with my cuteness! Can you see me in your home? Can you imagine my scraggly little body leaning up against you while you watch your favorite TV show? I hope so! I love to cuddle and show people how sweet I can be. I get along well with children but I prefer to be in a home where I can be the only furbaby in the house. If you can imagine me as your cuddle buddy, then please meet me today!
You probably think I got my name because I’m overweight, right? People always jump to conclusions – but this time you would be right. I’m 50 pounds of pure love, the friendliest dog you’ll ever meet. Just look at my smile! And even with this extra weight, I have lots of energy to jump up and down with excitement, because life is just so much fun, and it will be even better when I get a forever home! I’m already on a diet, and before you know it I’ll be 35 pounds of pure love, the same amount as now but just in more concentrated form.
’m a sweet guy, playful but fairly quiet. Some people suspect just by looking at me that once I get comfortable I’m more mischievous than I am right now, but I can’t imagine why they would think that. Maybe it’s the little twinkle in my eye. I love playing with toys and dogs and kids, and when none of those are available, I like to watch everything that’s going on around me. I’ve learned the sit command and I’m ready to learn more. I especially love the idea of having a forever home, and I promise I’ll be good if I can have yours.
I’m a shy girl, especially around new people. I’m looking for a forever friend who will be patient with me and my shy personality. I’m most comfortable with familiar faces, so let’s spend some quality time together to see how things go. Eventually, I’ll break out of my shell and you’ll see how sweet I can be. I enjoy splashing around in my pool to cool down on hot days. I will make a great walking partner because I walk well on a leash. Be sure to bring yummy treats, because I love treats! This will most likely help break the ice between us when we meet. Are you willing to give a shy dog like me a chance? If so, then I hope to meet you soon!
In my kennel, I’m very calm and quiet. Take me out for a walk, and I’ll open up! I’m affectionate, friendly, and gentle. I’m a little older than most dogs but I can be energetic. I enjoy yummy dog treats and I’ll definitely sit for one too. I’ll also stay focused on that treat in your hand and patiently wait for it. I would love to find my new home soon. Come visit me, let’s go for a walk and think about a future as friends together.
I’m often told that I’m beautiful. I hope you agree! When I first arrived to ADL about 98% of my hair was gone due to demodex mange. It wasn’t easy for me to deal with, but I’m so happy that the hospital staff at ADL helped me get through it. Now it’s hardly noticeable that I was ever missing hair. That’s why I like to show off my beautiful coat and beneath this coat is a big heart! I’m sweeter than the marmalade fruit preserves and have an instinct to shower everyone with hugs and kisses. Overall, I’m a joyous gal to have around! I prefer to be the only furbaby in a home but if another dog is calm enough, I’d probably be okay with sharing a home with them. I hope to find someone that will love me forever and I hope that person will be you!
See that concerned look in my eyes? That’s typical for me. I’m kind of a nursemaid dog — I like to take care of people. I’m sweet, loving and caring. I’m gentle, but I love to play with kids and other dogs. Going for walks is a great pleasure for me. I’ve had a good home and know the ins and outs of behaving well, but now my family has to move and they can’t take me with them, so they brought me here so I can find a new family to take care of.
We big guys can be pretty intimidating, but with my great smile, I win people over in a flash. When I’m playing with another dog I can be rough-and-tumble, but I know people expect me to be a bit calmer, and I am. I want to be liked and I make sure I behave so that I will be. I hope you will come visit and see that even though I’m big, there’s just more of me to love, and to love you back.
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Yes, I have two eyes! I’m just so scruffy that only one eye was able to peer out from beneath my furry eyebrow in this photo. I was also having difficulty looking directly at the camera because I’m so very camera shy. However, I’m not only just camera shy, I’m incredibly shy in general. For this reason, I’m going to need a patient and special person in my life who will love me for who I am. I need someone that can spend quality time with me and show me that everything will be okay. Do you think you can be that person for me?
I must admit, I was a little nervous having my photo taken. I think I mostly wanted everyone to get back to petting me. I really like that. I make adorable little sounds, almost like whimpering but much happier, when I’m being petted. I give nice little kisses to thank you, too. One thing I really enjoy is splashing around and being silly in my pool on a hot day. I’d really love to go home with some nice people to a place where I can feel comfortable and loved. Would you be interested?
I have such a great smile in this photo that you would never think that I’m a shy girl. Be sure to approach me slowly when we first meet so that you don’t startle me. I will need to get to know you first before I feel comfortable. I have broken out of my shell with some people here at ADL. Just look at my happy smile in this photo! I was smiling because I was being taken out for a walk. I like quiet time, car rides, toys and splashing around in water. I also know the sit, down, and crawl commands. I’m sure within time I will get over my timidness, just be gentle with me and I’ll be sweet to you!
If you like goofy, enthusiastic dogs, you’ll love me. I’m so friendly that I just want to play with everyone and everything and I assume that they want to play just as much. My eagerness can get a bit out of hand, but you can’t help but go along because I’m having so much fun. You know I mean well, and I’ll keep you laughing. I know how to sit and fetch. I bet you can teach me more once I settle down a bit too. Splashing around in water is always a joy for me, especially with another dog, I like playing with other dogs. I sure would love a chance to show you how much I can brighten your life. How about it?
Walk up to my kennel and you will see my body wiggle with excitement! You would think that I’m a puppy with how rambunctious my personality can be, but I’m actually 2 years old and still full of life and love. I love people and playing with other dogs. I also enjoy laying in the grass and dragging my little wiggle body across it. I will fit in wonderfully with an active and loving family and I hope to meet my family soon!
Want to see a balancing act that will brighten your day? Then visit me! I’ll be sure to entertain you and make you laugh! I’ll stand up on my two back hind legs so that I can get attention from everyone around me. It usually works well! People can’t resist my balancing act and I have this cute curled tail that’s very similar to a pig’s tail. It gives me character. I love to be held and sit in everyone’s lap. I also might rollover on my back and request belly rubs. I love belly rubs! I will bring so much joy to my forever home. Please visit me to see my antics in action.

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