5 Dogs To Swipe Right To At San Antonio Pets Alive

Donald 4 prezzzzident - SA PETS ALIVE
SA Pets Alive
Donald 4 prezzzzident

As a continuation of the “The Bone-r Blog,” a monthly feature dedicated to help dogs find forever-homes, we give you part five. If you'd like to visit any of these eligible pets, please email [email protected] and include their ID number. 

372546 Donald

Ello, I'm Donald - unfortunate, I know. I share my name with another dog ... Movin' on, I'm a two-year-old Chihuahua, I know that's a little too young to be obsessed with politics, but that Bernie Sanders is my spirit animal. My favorite movie is Weekend at Bernie's, by the way. Just another reason why I Feel the Bern to the core. Even if you ain't a liberal, please bring me home and we can cuddle and watch the debates together, I won't judge.  

Bailey: Woof means I luv u in dinosaur!!!
Bailey: Woof means I luv u in dinosaur!!!

A266286 Bailey

Rawr, my name is XxBaileyxX =^_^= I just turned 21 (three in dog years), and my dream is to go to Vans Warped Tour to celebrate, but I'm waiting for my fur-ever home. I'm a sweet gurl and - totes - a lil on the emo side. Like, my whole wardrobe is black on black on black, I lurve my skull bandana from Hot Topic and my favorite band is My Chemical Romance (DUH). MCR 4 lyfe!!!!! I wanna join the Black Parade, but I'd rather join your fam. Tbh, under my raven hair, I'm the bomb.com <3

Ethel - I look so purdy in ravishing red - SA PETS ALIVE
SA Pets Alive
Ethel - I look so purdy in ravishing red

308639 Ethel

Howdy, y'all! My name's Ethel - don'tcha ware it out - and I'm a lonesome dove, er, doggy lookin' for her forever 'n' ever homestead. Despite being three, I'm an old-fashioned girl. My most favorite thing to do on a hot summer night is to jam to my best gal pal Dolly, watch reruns of Hee Haw and get cozy on the couch with my human. 

Lucy: There's no place like my forever home - SA PETS ALIVE
SA Pets Alive
Lucy: There's no place like my forever home

376997 Lucy

Lucy is my name!!! People always tell me I look like Toto from The Wizard of Oz - and no, "Africa" is not my favorite song, "Over the Rainbow" is. Even though I get that all the time, it's a huge compliment 'cause that's like my fave movie, times a zillion. I dream that I'll get an owner as sweet and beautiful as Dorothy. But, I truly love all the characters. The Wicked Witch always makes me shake with fear! I need my Dorothy to make me feel safe. 

Jay: Come chill with your papi - SA PETS ALIVE
SA Pets Alive
Jay: Come chill with your papi

Jay A281010

'Member me? I'm still searching for my forever home :( The name's Jay, by the way. I’m the kind of dude who enjoys listenin’ to Jimmy Buffett, chill-axing on Saturday afternoons and not getting rowdy at the dog park. In short, I’m looking for my forever home, my “Margaritaville,” but hold the salt, all I want is sweet, sweet love. Please don’t hesitate to supply me with infinite kisses, back massages and cheeseburgers. I’ll always be in paradise with my new fam (who’ll hopefully rock Hawaiian shirts and sock/sandal combos).
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