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Genghis Grill-The Mongolian Stir Fry, is a build your own bowl, fast casual, Asian stir-fry concept. Guests at Genghis build their own bowls by choosing their own meats, spices, vegetables and sauces from Khan's Kitchen (a food bar featuring an array of ingredients), and then march over to a massive hot circular grill. There, the GRILLMASTERS stir up the food with long wooden sticks, churning and turning the ingredients until they're cooked to perfection. Guests enjoy the scene as their food is being prepared.
One of San Antonio's favorite pizza jaunts.
Go Hyang Jib, more familiarly known as Korean B-B-Q House, has recently moved across the street to new quarters - not necessarily news in itself, but the Casey family has taken the occasion to ratchet the operation up a notch. Make that two or three notches. Not only is the new place three times as large as the old, but the furniture all matches, there is now a prominent sushi bar, and dim, atmospheric lighting. ;The old location was almost painfully bright in comparison, but at least you felt it was sincere. Dim lighting, on the other hand, has an air of pretentiousness about it that seemed inappropriate. Once my eyes (and my attitude) adjusted, it was clear that fundamentally, nothing had changed. Young, Tom, Kevin, and crew were as friendly and helpful as ever, the reorganized menu didn't seem to have taken on expensive airs (though you might have to have a fair amount of terminology explained to you). And the sushi bar - well, there was a surprise. - Ron Bechtol
Tasty American cuisine.
Golden Wok is in a league of its own since it is the only restaurant in San Antonio serving dim sum. In China, these small samplings are typically served only in the mornings, or as late night snacks, but Golden Wok offers the dishes everyday, all day, though a larger variety - up to 55! - is available on weekends. That is when they roll out the carts stacked high with steaming bamboo baskets full of traditional treats like Har Gau (shrimp dumplings), Fung Jou (steamed chicken feet in black bean sauce), and Nor Mai Gai (lotus leaves stuffed with sweet rice and Chinese sausage). But don't let the beef tripe and pork-filled pastries scare you; Golden Wok offers less adventurous dim sum for the tamer American palate, including taro root cake and Hong Kong-style spring rolls. Additionally, there is a menu full of regular fare, including an excellent Peking duck and a build-it-yourself stir fry bar complete with Chinese vegetables. The service is courteous, quick, and knowledgeable. Watch as the cooks prepare your stir-fry in an open kitchen area. Despite its traditional menu, the restaurant itself could be mistaken for any average American eatery. - Xelena Gonzalez
Mexican seafood in a laidback setting that's popular with the locals -- even if it's not haute cuisine.
Mexican seafood in a laidback setting that's popular with the locals -- even if it's not haute cuisine.
Down-home burgers and chicken sandwiches in a tavern setting.
Goro's Sushi is one of San Antonio's most popular Japanese dining experiences due to the unusual rolls that chef Goro creates using only the freshest fish.
Enjoy some fine food and good service.
Enjoy some fine food and good service.
Enjoy some fine food and good service.
Enjoy some fine food and good service.
A good River Walk pick. Upscale resort Americana with pleasant riverside seating, a mean margarita and great variations on traditional drinks. Snack on ceviche w/ your marg. -- Elaine Wolff (08/08)
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