Axe Throwing is On the Rise in San Antonio, Here's How To Try It For Yourself

Facebook / Stumpy's Hatchet House
As a journalist, I’m constantly writing about interesting topics. My writing tends to stay close to my interests, so I never thought I’d find myself writing about axe throwing.

Yes, you read that correctly. Axe throwing.

I, like many others, hear the word “axe” and instantly think of slasher movies. In the age of social media and smartphones it’s easy to forget that axes are used for more than cutting people into bits, and finding out that people actually throw axes around for fun can be a bit alarming.

According to San Antonio Class Axe, the sport of axe throwing originated in Canada and has maintained popularity in the country for more than a decade. Now that axe throwing has come to the U.S., many sport enthusiasts are ready to dive into the art. That shouldn’t make you scared, though.

Axe throwing is a sport where competitors aim for a target’s bullseye with sharpened axes, similar to archery, billiards and bowling. As long as competitors stick to the sport’s guidelines (such as with every other physical activity, mind you) the game is completely safe. Companies such as San Antonio Class Axe are run by trained and experienced staff who only let players enter the throwing area after they’ve completed mandatory safety courses (as long as they're at least 15-years-old).

Those 21 and up can also try their hand at the sport at Stumpy’s Hatchet House, which will have its grand opening on Saturday, June 9th. No further details have been shared at this time. You can make reservations at Stumpy’s San Antonio location by calling (210) 693-6900 or learning more at

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