New Wine Bar Now Open on St. Mary's Strip

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Wine, for most of San Antonio, is a bottle of two-buck chuck, an overpriced bottle or nothing at all. But at Little Death, a new bar on North St. Mary’s, there’s only one thing you need to know about drinking wine: it shouldn’t be boring.

The space, measuring 550 square feet, is dedicated to enjoying wine — single glasses and shared bottles — at an affordable price. There's 32 stools, enough space for five people to gather around the bar, a vinyl record player in the corner and several walls filled with great wines that you won't find at Central Market.

"I think you can celebrate what people love about wine and remove all the [intimidation and unnecessary formality] that frankly has nothing to do with it, said Chad Carey, who, with local business partners, opened the bar as part of the Empty Stomach Group.

"I wanted to make this equitable, and I wanted to make sure that it wasn't just things that I would drink," said Carey, who structured Little Death under the Empty Stomach Group, worked with 25 business partners — all local wine enthusiasts living throughout San Antonio — to develop the bar.

"I think chaos and having so many people be part of this keeps it from being boring," he said, describing the bar as a different space from Empty Stomach projects like Barbaro, Chisme and Hot Joy.

You can find the prices on the wine bottles, taking off $10 if you decide to take wine to go, or split a nice bottle of wine with a date or fun group. You might not usually pick up a $23 bottle of rioja at the grocery store, but that price shrinks as you add more people to the mix.

There's no restaurant (or room for a kitchen), but customers can enjoy the bar's small snack menu, which includes a selection of cheeses.

"I want this to be a place where there is something for everybody," he said. "This should be a place where you stay to talk with the person across from you, try the unfamiliar...If we get this right, the wines won't matter."

The bar opens at 5 p.m. daily, and closes after 10 p.m., or whenever they feel like it. The bar will close later on weekends.

A previous version of the article misstated that there was a BYOC (Bring Your Own Cheese) policy, which only applied to the soft opening events.
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Little Death Wine

2327 N St. Mary's, San Antonio St. Mary's strip

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