Post-SXSW Thoughts: San Antonio Rapper KPthaProfit Gives the Rundown on His Experience at This Year's SXSW

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It’s the Monday after South by Southwest 2019, and if you were here this past week, you know that Austin was a nonstop party with hundreds of official and unofficial music showcases poppin’ up all across the 5-1-2.

We caught up with KPthaProfit who rocked an official showcase with fellow San Antonio rapper City, to see what his experience was like and if he achieved all he went out to South By to do.

So, first off, how did the show go?

It was dope … Shout out my Austin family. They always really hold it down for us every time we’re in the city. With them being in Austin and them being hands on with South By, it was a blessing to be a part of their showcase. It was at Scratchouse, and it was in the back, so I was kind of skeptical, because it was cold Saturday night. I was like, ‘Damn, we’re gonna be outside?’ But we go to the back and there was a dope tent set up, so you couldn’t even really feel the cold, so it was real dope. We had a big crowd and everything went smooth, everyone received the music pretty good and they were rocking with us.

Anybody else on your showcase you were blown away by?

Cory Kendrix. He lives in Denver right now, so he travels from Denver every year to come be a part of South By. For sure, Lil Yodaa. That’s my blood family, that’s my little cousin. He smashed it and it was his first year and I was so excited. I was more excited for him than I was for me, because I’ve been a part of [SXSW] , and I know the ropes a little bit, but just cool to see his people show up, to see his supporters show up, and for him to rock out the way he did – it was beautiful.

Did you get a chance to go check out any other shows?

I didn’t, I really didn’t. Not this year. My feet ain’t cut out for all that walking anymore. (Laughs). This year, I went straight to the convention center to get my artist band and then went to the artist lounge. Got some good food and some drinks and got to politic with some people that you don’t normally come across, and I met an artist from South Africa (G-C). I never met anyone from South Africa, and just to meet an artist from out there was dope. We chopped it up and we traded info. I asked him (if this was) a big accolade for him, and he said, ‘You know it is here. My show was pretty cool, it wasn’t that packed, but when I go home, I’m going to be praised for shit like this.’ And that’s dope.

Did you go to any of the panels or speakers?

I did last year, but I didn’t this year. I soaked up a lot of good game last year, and maybe I should’ve tried to go again this year. I just didn’t really have time.

If you could do SXSW different, what would you do?

I think for us, it would probably start prior to South By, and I think that’s tapping in with more South By promoters, to get more showcases, because I’m cool with the showcase that we were on, and the showcases we’ve been on in prior years, but I would like to spread my wings a little bit and touch a different crowd and different fan base.

Like unofficial showcases too?

Yeah. It would be a blessing to be a part of any showcases. It doesn’t have to be official showcases, especially being that we already had one on Saturday. We would’ve played anything leading up to that or that same night or whatever. I don't think that I would've done anything different, it’s just what I would've done more of. In previous years we had multiple shows, and that’s what I was kind of banking on for this year, but it didn’t happen. For next year, I just wanna tap in. I hope more people tap in with us. I hope more people see what we’re doing. I hope more people listen to the music. Profit City is out on all digital platforms. I think once you hear it, just like yourself, once you hear it, you’re gonna hear something you’ve never heard before. I know people want to see that, I know they want to hear it, but they want to see it as well.

Do you think you gained more of a following from playing the showcase?

Hell yeah. There’s people following me on my Instagram that I didn’t know, and these are people just from the show. People on Snapchat, people reached out to me you know, radio personalities reached out and got our info. I think we hit our target, you know what I mean?

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