Will San Antonio Be Featured in the Upcoming Carol Burnett Movie?

Courtesy of Carol Burnett
A film based on legendary comedian and San Antonio native Carol Burnett’s 2013 book “Carrie and Me: A Mother-Daughter Love Story” is now in development at Focus Features.

Burnett, who was at the Tobin Center for Performing Arts last week to talk about her life and career, will produce the film through her company, Mabel Cat Productions. Tina Fey and Eric Gurian will also produce under their production company Little Stranger, alongside Steven Rogers (writer/producer of I, Tonya) and executive producer Jeff Richmond.

The film will “follow the highs and lows of [Burnett’s] life as a working mother, actress and producer – all told through her relationship with her daughter Carrie.”

Carrie passed away from lung cancer in 2002 at the age of 38.

In part of “Carrie and Me,” Burnett writes about a road trip Carrie took to San Antonio in late 2000 to visit “our family’s old stomping grounds” while she was writing a screenplay. Burnett was born in San Antonio in 1933 and grew up on the city’s West Side until she moved to Hollywood with her grandmother in the late 1930s.

Although she only lived in San Antonio for a few years, Burnett still holds the Alamo City close to her heart. Her childhood home is currently serving the community as the nonprofit organization American Sunrise, an after-school literacy center.

So, now the question is, will San Antonio be depicted somewhere in the movie and, if so, will the production shoot the scenes in San Antonio or recreate it in a Hollywood studio lot? Will we see a young Burnett going into downtown San Antonio when she was a little girl to watch movies with her grandmother as she recounted to the Current earlier this year? Will Carrie’s road trip to see her mother’s hometown make the final cut?

Although a director and cast have not been named for the film yet, we have some suggestions to play Burnett and her daughter in the upcoming film.

Since Tina Fey is producing, how about plucking talent from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and getting Amy Sedaris to play Burnett and Ellie Kemper to play Carrie? If they’re going to start the film earlier in their lives, maybe Fey will cast herself in the role of Burnett and give the role of Carrie to someone like Cholë Grace Moritz, who starred in three episodes of 30 Rock when she was a teenager.

Whoever they cast, we’re just happy Burnett is finally getting a film that will hopefully match the incredible career she’s had and life she’s led.

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