Cinema Terrible Goes Big with Guest Filmmakers for Screening of DIY Ugandan Action Flick Who Killed Captain Alex?

Although Cinema Terrible is ostensibly an event series showcasing (and lampooning) bad movies, their latest screening is something special.

The "no-budget" film Who Killed Captain Alex? went viral when the Wakaliwood film studio released a bananas trailer for the movie on YouTube in early 2010. Inspired by Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, director Nabwana Isaac Godfrey Geoffrey (known professionally as Nabwana IGG) founded Ramon Films in the aughts so that he could make his own homegrown epic action flicks in the Wakaliga slum of Kampala, Uganda, and Who Killed Captain Alex? – his fourth film – seems to have been made for internet superstardom. It's awash in gunplay and kung fu, with a jam-packed plot that includes gang violence, military bombings, a kung fu master named "Bruce U," an homage to Rambo and much more.

Amongst the hordes of people that watched the trailer online (it quickly racked up several million views) was New Yorker Alan Hofmanis, who had been working in the film industry in America. Inspired by IGG's DIY aesthetic and passion for balls-to-the-wall action, Hofmanis hopped a plane and began to collaborate with Ramon Films as a producer, soon becoming an action star in the films as well.

Hofmanis has made the trek to Texas to attend the Cinema Terrible screening of Who Killed Captain Alex? and will preface the movie with a presentation that includes showing off handmade props and costumes from the film. Plus, IGG himself will pop in remotely via Skype for a post-screening interview and Q&A.

Anyone that loves B movies should consider Who Killed Captain Alex? a must-see. The film may be blurry and the special effects are anything but slick, but the scrappy production, high energy action and running comedic commentary by VJ Emmie have made this movie a cult classic of the internet era.

Free, 6 p.m. Tuesday, July 2, Central Library, 600 Soledad St., (210) 207-2693,

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