Federal Elected Official Chip Roy Says He Won't Register His Firearms With the Federal Government

click to enlarge U.S. Rep. Chip Roy speaks at the Young Americans for Liberty Convention in Austin. - GAGE SKIDMORE
Gage Skidmore
U.S. Rep. Chip Roy speaks at the Young Americans for Liberty Convention in Austin.
While it may not have the zing of NRA chief Wayne LaPierre calling federal firearms agents "jackbooted thugs," combative conservative U.S. Rep. Chip Roy drew a similar rhetorical line in the sand over the weekend.

“I can tell you I will not register my firearms with the federal government,” the San Antonio-area Republican said Saturday in speech to the Young Americans for Liberty Convention in Austin. 

During his talk at the Libertarian event, Roy also proclaimed himself a “proud member of the Gun Owners of America,” a group that regularly blasts the NRA for being too soft. Following the 2012 Colorado movie theatre shooting that left 12 dead, the group's top exec promoted a theory that the massacre was part of a plot to trigger gun confiscations.

But Roy didn't stop there. He also warned his audience that red-flag laws — favored by three-quarters of Americans in a recent NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll — are only the first step toward the big, bad gubment rounding up everyone's precious peashooters.

"Even right here in Texas, people in the Republican Party are going wobbly on the Second Amendment and your right to defend your families and this country," the freshman congressman said. "Red flag laws are the camel's nose under the tent to confiscate our weapons."

Of course, Roy — who won his term by just 2 points and faces a 2020 Democratic challenge from former Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis — is no stranger to inflammatory rhetoric.

Since being elected, he's has singlehandedly held up a $19 billion disaster relief package to make a point about border security, tried to give extreme-right blog Breitbart News exclusive media access to an immigration roundtable he sponsored and gone into a red-faced, pants-shitting meltdown when colleagues dared questioned whether drug companies were making excessive profits.

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