The Sound & the Fury

James “Hot Mustard” Velten’s efforts to have 25 local bands in 25 days as guests on his show, The Sauce (KSYM 90.1 FM, weekdays from 7 to 9 a.m.), got off to a rocky start. According to Velten, Five Foot Five “got the time wrong” and showed up May 30 at 8 p.m. instead of 8 a.m., and Education — slated to perform on June 1 — never replied to his email. But the Rosedale Highs (May 31), Los # 3 Dinners (June 2), and Aperture (June 3) did show up and, at the time of this writing, Rose Baca and N’Somnia were scheduled to perform on June 6 and 7, respectively.

Did I say “perform”? The original idea suffered a few changes. “Due to lack of manpower for live performances, we are having the bands bring in their songs on CD, then I choose a song suitable for airplay,” said Velten in an email. “It is a five-minute interview with two band members, then play a song from their album, then have a two-minute wrap-up.” So these are the following bands on the show, weekdays at 8:30 a.m.: Henry + The Invisibles (June 8); Pop Pistol (9); Yes, Inferno (10); Hunter Jackson (13); Tangible Green (14); The Rich Hands (15); Aria Satellite (16); the Vultures (17); the Moriartys (20); the Offbeats (21); 3rd Coast Skaleros (22); Nicolette Good (23); Peacefield (24); Sycamore Station (27); Little Brave (28); Melissa Ludwig (29); Ill Prospekt (30); and Phonolux (July 1).

OK, enough about radio, let’s talk about a show that couldn’t be more live: Seminal ’90s San Antonio industrial noise band Evil Mothers (pictured) has reunited this summer for a Texas tour that culminates with a show at Nightrocker Live on Saturday, June 11 (605 San Pedro, $10 in advance, and the Mothers go onstage around midnight). The band has three original members (Patrick Sane on bass, Curse Mackey on vocals, and Sanford Allen on guitar). Will they continue after this tour? Will they record? Any surprises at this show? Go to and read our Q & A with Allen and Mackey.