Courtesy of Bexar Goods Co.

There comes a time, for some people, when working for a company just doesn't make sense anymore — unless it's their own. But the typical business strategy of obtaining heavy funds,
hiring staff, then looking for a profit 3-to-10 years in the future isn't an option. Here are two local outfits that get the job done craftsman-style. – Scott Andrews

Bexar Goods Co.

Geologist and photographer Guy Rubio climbs into caves in the Texas Hill Country, searching for endangered species habitat, and had long hankered after quality gear to carry his equipment in tough terrain. With an eye on leather packs from yesteryear, he contacted his friends — brothers Christian and Falcon Craft — to think about making their own handcrafted canvas and leather bags. A few years later, Bexar Goods is known internationally as a source for classic satchels and backpacks that satisfy the most demanding connoisseur. Falcon, a professional mountain climber, has left his post in Colorado to hand-stitch the leather and hammer the copper rivets of their bags; Christian pushes marketing, while Guy handles photographic documentation. Carried in few stores (one in Singapore), you can purchase Bexar Goods online. The prices aren't cheap, but these are the real, handmade items, designed to go anywhere, and like a fine wine — improve with age.

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Partidge in a Pie Tree

Raised off the grid in a log cabin in Arkansas, Tonya Ellen Bates learned the gritty basics of garden-to-table life at an early age. Cooking commercially since she was 14, she taught culinary arts in Seattle before returning to San Antonio a couple of years ago, the first city she hit when she moved off the farm with her mother at age 10. Partridge in a Pie Tree is her "brick-and-portal" kitchen. Specializing in both sweet and savory pies, she takes orders online, then delivers to your doorstep in 24-to-48 hours. The chocolate walnut pie is a must, and her meatloaf pie en croute is an organic wonder, made with heritage pork, grass-fed beef, head-cheese, and tongue, among other locally sourced meats. Bates also makes her own pickles, delivers sesaonal salads, and strives to obtain all products from local farmers and ranchers who use sustainable practices. You can find Partridge in a Pie Tree on weekends at the Quarry Farmers & Ranchers Market. Try her wares, and tell Bates we sent you.