A list of vegetarian and "veggie-friendly" establishments that will help tender eaters survive in Meat City.

Green Vegetarian Cuisine

Macrobiotic, vegan, and vegetarian tastes are well served at this family-owned, homegrown vegetarian café. Tasty baked goods and savory breakfast and lunch options abound. New location opening in March at the Pearl.
10003 N W Military, (210) 233-1249
200 E Grayson, Ste. 120, (210) 320-5865

Pavani Express Vegetarian Café

The all-veggie, vegan-friendly food is worth waiting for. We recommend the delicious saffron lemon rice, a big puri (fried, tortilla-like puffed-up bread), navratam korma (mixed vegetables), paneer (homemade cheese), and pakoras (fritters). Most menu items are under $10, but you'll need to combine plates for a real Indian dinner.
5755 Evers, (210) 680-3134


SA's only all-vegan restaurant offers gluten-free baked goods in addition to Tex-Mex and raw offerings. Not sure if you're ready to go meat-free? The sun-dried tomato and sweet potato enchiladas, topped with cashew cream, will appeal to the most robust carnivore.
8407 Broadway, (210) 826-4223


This Alamo Heights staple proves that healthy Tex-Mex can still be tasty with tofu enchiladas, brown rice, refried beans, served in a gallery-like setting.
21 Brees Blvd, (210) 822-7681

The Cove

Home to grass-fed beef and bison burgers, The Cove has also become a veggie haven under the sustainability-oriented hand of Lisa Asvestas. The fish tacos are rightfully famous and the vegan bacon cheeseburger has been known to tempt hearty meat-eaters.
606 W Cypress, (210) 227-2683

Twin Sisters Bakery and Cafe

Twin Sisters is, indeed, owned by twin sisters. It's known for its vegetarian breakfast (chilaquiles, tofu rancheros) and lunch (tempeh salad, veggie burger, chalupa with black beans) menus, does have a few meat dishes.
6322 N New Braunfels, (210) 822-0761