Five Choice Apps for SA Living

San Antonio 311: Report It

Do you need to request a dead animal pick up? Report graffiti in the park? Gripe about your neighbor’s overgrown yard? This app makes it easy to file a report, tag the location, attach a photo of the problem and make a city service request.

Official Spurs Mobile App

With the Spurs App, you’re just a few swipes away from the full lineup of Silver Dancers. There’s also the full team roster with their latest stats, news updates, game day recaps and the season’s schedule with the option to purchase game tickets. Plus, push notifications during a game are as snappy with the scores and plays as the sports announcers. But really, we know you want it for those Silver Dancers.

SA Food Truck Finder

This is the app to solve your lunchtime woes—or at least it would in theory. It’s a great idea, but I had no luck getting it to work consistently. The workaround is to access the web app through your mobile browser. There, you find a list of trucks, their hours and a map of their locations.

Open Table

OK, so maybe it’s not totally local, but it’s still damned useful. Picture this: It’s 8:15 p.m. and you need to find a table for two at a nearby restaurant. The Open Table app gives you a list of restaurants with the time of the next available table. You can check the menu, the price point and, right there, you reserve it. A number of the city’s finest restaurants use the service.

Hail a Cab

This is the app to get in time for Fiesta. You can book a cab or schedule one in advance, check on available taxis in your area and get an estimated wait time. The best part about Yellow Cab San Antonio’s app is that you don’t have to pull out your wallet; you can pay for your ride directly through the app.