Steakhouse: Galpão Gaucho

Sizzling lamb chops
Sizzling lamb chops

Galpão Gaucho
20079 Stone Oak Pkwy, Ste 3100,
(210) 497-2500,

We’re always looking for a bargain. So when a locally owned churrascaria opened up in Loopland, we made the pilgrimage up 281 for a taste of what Galpão Gaucho was grilling. After all, $21.50 for all-you-can-meat lunch sounded too good to be true.

A stone’s throw away from Aldaco’s Stone Oak, Galpão Gaucho combines a bevy of rotisserie-cooked meat with an upscale, but accessible backdrop. You can drop in for lunch on weekdays, or dinner on weekends and not fork over an arm and a leg for a flank and a leg (well, drumstick).

Salad bar? Yeah, they’ve got it; options include grilled asparagus, roasted beets, mozzarella, mixed green salads, chicken salad and plenty of toppings, as well as a hot bar with savory black beans, several varieties of rice and breaded bananas.

A green card signals to the knife-happy gaucho’s you’re ready for the meat party and the main event is a rapid-fire carnivore’s dream. Choose from 13 cuts of meat including a fennel-laced pork sausage, house-favorite picanha (or noble sirloin), rib eye, garlic beef and tender lamb chops.

Even with dinner at $29.50, a trip to Galpão won’t set you back … except for the massive nap you’ll take within an hour of your visit. Sure, there’s a dessert menu available, but we doubt you’ll have any room left.