UPDATED #OccupySanAnto joins Occupy Wall Street movement (and RIP Steve Jobs)

Should I be blogging about Steve Jobs? I didn't know him. All kidding aside...he did get me to Think Different. Can we really deny how he contributed to the digital era? I've decided to pay homage to Jobs by outlining how Occupy San Antonio might use technology tomorrow, when they join the rest of the country organizing to reclaim the "American Dream" ethos.

6:00 AM: A simple group text message will light up cell phones asking "where are you? I'm here." Soon after, the hardcore organizers of the General Assembly with theological opposition to corporations and corruption will assemble. 7:30 AM Stomachs will start growling. The Occupy San Antonio Facebook page will post a status update that protesters are hungry. Sustenance will delivered by an anonymous donor.

10:00AM The first group of print, broadcast, and radio media might arrive...if they haven't been called onto a more interesting lead. Mid-day broadcasts will portray Occupy San Antonio attendees as ideological fanatics. A privileged few will use their At&t Internet capable smart phones to counter attack with Vibe and Twitter hashtags.

11:30 AM Although most protesters arrived with refillable polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and carcinogen free bottles...the natives might be becoming restless and/or sleepy from staying up all night preparing for action. Caffeine or yerba maté is needed. A city-wide SMS text, a Facebook update, and a tweet goes viral to re-energize the group. 1:00 PM Stomachs begin to grumble again. A volunteer food co-op delivers recycled brown bag lunches. A few very specific dietary needs are left out of the menu planning. A few go hungry. Some protesters leave the action to eat from home to meet their nutritional needs. 3:00 PM A few mainstream culture liberals arrive to show their support. They use Instagram to show family and friends via social networking how they documented their TOMS shoe dedication to the Occupy San Antonio efforts. 6:30 PM It's dinnertime. A leading-like General Assembly organizer will sneak off to a nearby Starbucks to reappropiate the free wifi for the greater good. Although a locally owned fair-trade coffee shop is just a few yards away, the weary individual will sneak in and out to recharge laptops. An email blast is sent from an anonymous address arriving to various inboxes asking for flashlights, chemical free bug spray, and food. 8:00 PM The last At&t Internet capable smart phone with 5% battery life is used to text a friendly HD Cable subscriber and ally. The 9:00 PM KABB Fox news is recorded for post-action documentation and evaluation. 9:30 PM A a semi-retired group of protesters will retreat to care for their children who need to attend school on Friday morning. A few Occupy San Antonio organizers with unrivaled dedication will remain. 12:01 AM Gathered photos, YouTube videos, and other links to action related earned media materials will be posted online to the World Wide Web. San Antonio resident and media justice activist DeAnne Cuellar blogs throughout the week at blogs.sacurrent.com. She welcomes your questions and feedback and can be reached directly at [email protected] Follow Tech Tease on Twitter at @thetechtease.