Notes from Local 782 monthly meeting (October 2011)

The next meeting is 7pm Wednesday, November 9, at the Local 782 office at 1414 E Commerce. The following are the minutes from the last meeting. I did minor punctuation changes for clarity purposes (Enrique Lopetegui)

What is Local Music Week 2012?

A week-long campaign focused on reaching out to local venues and musicians. The goal is to generate awareness in the San Antonio community about local music and reach an audience who doesn’t usually go to shows. Also to facilitate collaboration and cross-promotion within the local music economy.

San Antonio is a spread out city - there is not one concentrated area for live music. We should put shit aside for one week and grow together.

We want it to be bigger this year. Last year: over 92 venues. Start sooner this year. More professionalized as time goes by. Possibly local government funding. Finale at Sunken Garden?


Bands will get paid somehow, and build your audience.

Possibly: San Antonio Music Awards (The Current’s Rammy Awards)

Four Working Groups:

  1. Community Building - DeAnne and Sonia

  1. community liaison - district 1 Bernal’s office, River Road Neighborhood Association reach out
  2. legal and policy - agreement between venues, promoters and artists
  3. member recruitment - local music pre-event mixes (NW & NE, South, East, Westside)
  4. external network development - Google Group LMW
  5. sponsorship opportunities - put together sponsorship package
  6. final event - at Sunken Garden or Pearl
  7. creating booking Google Doc
  8. women’s march promo performance

  1. Media Relations - Erica Monzon

  1. LMW messaging
  2. press inquiries
  3. publicity
  4. earned media
  5. local media
  6. focus on other major markets (Austin, Houston, Dallas)
  7. concert listing sites
  8. blogs: SA Rocks, Puro Pinche, SA Current, SATX Music,, Border Linea
  9. community radio
  10. Texas Music Magazine, SA Scene, Backbeat Magazine
  11. Texas Music Coalition,
  12. Liz Escu (Sirius Radio)
  13. CMJ Magazine
  14. Houston Chronicle, Austin Chronicle,

  1. Online Organizing - Ernesto & George

  1. social media
  2. listservs
  3. e-messaging
  4. sms/mms/apps
  5. new medai 2.0+

  1. Production & Distribution - Jaime, Scott

  1. content
  2. event products
  3. licensing
  4. copyrighting
  5. graphic design - it’s time for official logo, key for branding shows. (popularity contest? online contest, every year have a different theme
  6. other artifacts - Fiesta Medal
  7. brand theme-ing - throughout online and print media.
  8. hashtags: LMW2012 satxmusic 782 210LMW?
  9. reach out to younger audience, maybe have an all ages track. Hit places where those kids are at. They don’t like indie music, they like punk/hardcore. Reach different genres?
  10. George Strait headliner?

Questions moving forward:

  1. Is this about just local bands? Or should we get a national headliner? How to spin it? What do we call that, how is it relevant. Use SXSW proposal, let us know you want to be involved.
  2. We’re overshadowed by Austin, this was meant to uplift our city. The majority of the stuff we do should be focused on local, show we’re a viable music community, supports its own but attracts other people.
  3. But this is LOCAL MUSIC WEEK. Anything else would be another product.
  4. Bringing in a big TEXAS act could work.
  5. Public forum on music - bring in the community, what would it take to put SA on the map for music. Not just LMW, not just Texas Conjunto festival, what would take.
  6. Possible slogan: Come party with San Antonio. Need to figure out an angle to bring in national acts.
  7. How to decide who opens for the main stage - online contest? vote at meetings
  8. Booking deadline and branding deadline by January (Early bird agreement? What if venues don’t book that far in the advance)
  9. 3 tier venue: 500+ Capacity, Medium, Small (coffee houses)
  10. Debbie Murphy, cover bands in San Antonio
  11. Leading Online Organizing Group
  12. Next meeting is Wednesday, November 9th 2011

Local 782, San Antonio Music Coalition

1414 E. Commerce Street

San Antonio, TX 78205