Kermit, Miss Piggy talk new Muppets movie

After 12 years away from the big screen, Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and the rest of the Muppets are back for their seventh theatrical release since the original Muppet Movie in 1979. In the newest film, The Muppets, the gang reunites to put on a telethon to try and raise $10 million to save their beloved Muppet Theater from an evil oil tycoon who wants to demolish it. During an interview with me, Kermit and Miss Piggy talked about returning for another big extravaganza together and how they’ve managed to stay in a healthy relationship all these years.

Kermit, it’s been 12 years since the last time a Muppets movie hit the big screen. How does it feel getting back into the swing of things, especially with writers Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller behind it?

Kermit: It’s fantastic to be back on the big screen. And to be working with two of Hollywood’s hottest talents, Jason and Nick, is a real treat for us. Piggy: Of course, it’s a much bigger thrill for them. Kermit: Piggy, show some respect, Jason and Nick wrote our movie. Piggy: You’re kidding?! Someone actually writes our movies? Coulda fooled moi! In past Muppets movies you've had some great cameos from celebrities. Which celebrity were you most excited to see in this new film and why? Kermit: Oh, there are a lot of great surprise cameos in the movie. Ever since the Muppets started making movies, star cameos have been part of our tradition and with this movie I think we top ourselves. Piggy: Naturally, for these “surprise” cameos to remain a “surprise” we can’t tell you who they are or you won’t be “surprised.” So don’t ask again, okay? If a movie was ever made about your lives, which celebrity would you like to portray you in the film? Kermit: Tom Hanks. He’s such a great actor – funny, decent and lovable. It would be an honor to have him portray me in a movie. Piggy: Oh, I’d have to portray moiself. Especially if Tom Hanks is playing Kermit. Hanks is not only cute, he’s an Academy Award magnet. If he was in the movie, then they’d have to give me an Oscar, too. Miss Piggy, it’s no secret in Hollywood, celebrity couples come and go all the time. What is the secret between you and Kermie that has kept you to together all this time and do people ever refer to you two as Permit or Pigmie? Piggy: Our secret for staying together is simple: I never ever let Kermit out of my sight. Kermit: That’s true. Piggy: And on those rare occasions when he’s not close by, I use a GPS to keep track of him. Kermit: Very true. Piggy: As for anyone calling us “Permit” or “Pigmie” – no, that’s never happened. At least not more than once. Kermit: Painfully true. Kermit, who is hairier, Animal or Zach Galifianakis (Zach has a cameo in the film)? Kermit: Only their barbers know for sure. Piggy: And since obviously neither one of them has ever been to a barber, we may never know. Kermit: It’s one of the great mysteries of life. Piggy: Let’s keep it that way.