Saluté unplugged: The goodbye

OK, the July 21 Sexto Sol at Saluté was the official last night of live music at the venue, but no one said anyone couldn't eventually show up and give Azeneth Domínguez a last farewell. It happened at 1 a.m. Sunday, July 29, when Mariachi Sol de Tejas took the stage at Saluté for the last time, in a memorable unplugged performance for the ages.

But first things first. I couldn't say goodbye to the place without paying my last respects to the Esteban Jordan altar.

SA's Mariachi Sol de Tejas started performing the classic "Camino Real de Colima" for Azeneth, who was sitting on a stool by the bar.

Sitting next to Azeneth was Mari Chingas, who became Marisela Barrera for an instant and thanked her friend.

The mariachi was on fire, and they continued with a José Alfredo Jiménez classic. It was a personal serenade to Azeneth.

Then, Sexto Sol singer/keyboardist Sam Villela stopped the show with an irresistibly drunken version of "Cruz de olvido."

For the big wrap-up, Azeneth asked everyone to step outside. "I want everyone to hear and see this," she said.

Thanks, Azeneth, for everything. You wanted a "despedida muy bonita" (a very pretty farewell) and you got exactly that. Let us just hope whatever becomes of the place has at least half of Saluté's coolness and magic. — Enrique Lopetegui