The Spurs Lost Sunday but Moms Lost Bigger

Happy Mother's Day from the NBA! We gave every conference semifinalist the night off on Thursday so we could plop a key playoff game right in the middle of your day, just for you. Chicken wings and beer are great brunch items, aren't they? And surely you'd rather spend your afternoon at a sports bar instead of a spa. We know how much you like watching pro basketball instead of basking in the familial spotlight. David Lee's much cuter than your kid, anyway.

So, yeah, I didn't catch the entire Spurs game Sunday, namely because I'm not carved from the same chauvinistic cloth as David Stern and his scheduling minions. Did the league really think it was a better ratings play to go up against Tiger Woods and moms instead of having Thirstday to itself? It's about as dumb as scheduling a World Series game on Halloween. Oh, wait

But I digress. The Spurs held an eight-point halftime lead Sunday. Twenty-four more minutes of mere competency in Oakland would have ended the upstart Warriors' season. But then Steph Curry and Klay Thompson began playing like themselves, Jarrett Jack outplayed Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili airballed a wide open three, Andrew Bogut fed Tim Duncan a Spalding sandwich, and Harrison Barnes continued a stellar postseason that has seen him finally live up to the hype that accompanied him on his way out of high school. (He'll be in the running for Most Improved Player next year, rest assured.) The result: a 97-87 overtime Golden State win that sharply increased this surprisingly riveting series' odds of going the full seven games.

Hey, and isn't the Port of Oakland gorgeous? It's got to be, because that's about the only shot of the city that ABC and its cable broadcast partners have deigned to show. Oaktown 357 is a hard-earned nickname, granted, but we're pretty sure the camera won't catch a stray bullet should it, say, focus on some hipster street life or something. And the San Francisco skyline doesn't count. That's a different city altogether.