Spurs' big night: What would you tell Joey Crawford tonight?

(art by John Mata)

NBA veteran referee Joey Crawford will officiate Game 6 of the NBA finals tonight, and true Spurs fans are pissed.

Crawford gave Tim Duncan two technicals while Timmy was on the bench in 2007, a feat that earned the ref notoriety, and a suspension for the remainder of that season. Last year, Crawford told The New York Times the incident was a wake-up call.

"The Duncan thing probably changed my life. It was just — you come to the realization that maybe the way you’ve been doing things is not the proper way and you have to regroup, not only on the court but off the court.

 I had seen a sports psychologist before that. But after, I saw him a lot more. His name is Joel Fish. He’s worked with a lot of athletes. It gave me a new perspective."

Spurs fans aren't so sure about that. Crawford was eventually reinstated and was the ref on Game 2 (which the Spurs lost).

In spite of Spurs fans publicly begging not to call Crawford back for such a pivotal game, NBA Commissioner David Stern called our Public Enemy Number One (with Charles Barkley a distant second) back. In the opinion of some, this is Stern's effort to improve the series' poor ratings and make sure the finals don't end tonight. Before the series' end, though, here's your chance:

What would you tell Joey Crawford if you had him in front of you?

Write your comments below, and Go Spurs Go!!