Ask Aliyah: The Office Slob is Not Your Problem

Dear Aliyah,

I work in a professional field, yet a casual office atmosphere. I enjoy my job and appreciate my co-workers but a couple of people’s choice of clothing is getting under my skin. In fact, the pair in question happen to be married and each wear atrocious attire to the office. They are sloppy. Wrinkled, ill fitting and dated clothing is the norm each day. Oh, and it is not a matter of not being able to afford it. Should I say something to my boss?


Dear JC1973,

You seem frustrated, but the attire this couple chooses to wear to work,  the fashions they can and cannot afford -- should not be of concern to. Especially while you are on the clock. Don’t allow yourself to be so distracted as to not continue to perform your duties. In fact, I certainly hope you didn’t spend your office hours writing to me. I do not suggest approaching your boss unless you happen to be certain that their poor decorum has lost your company clients or sales.

The bottom line is, you won’t be telling your boss anything that they cannot already see for themselves. Therefore, initiating a discussion about your issue with this couple will only reflect poorly on you.


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