Bonehead Quote of the Week: Texas Gov. Rick Perry On Florida Gov. Rick Scott

During a press conference in Iowa this week, Texas Gov. Rick Perry got behind the reelection efforts of Florida Governor and fellow Republican, Rick Scott.

Creative Commons Images.

“He's one passionate dude," said Perry, according to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

The Perry-Scott relationship is a mutual admiration society– a bromance, if you will– Scott touts Perry’s job creation numbers on national media and the two GOP guvs call each other personal friends. So, it’s natural that Perry would be on top of supporting his pal, who faces a challenge from Democrat Charlie Crist, come election time.

But the ego stroke is laced with irony– as governor of Florida, Scott signed a law requiring welfare recipients to undergo drug screenings before receiving assistance (because all poor people are drug addicts

right?! Turns out, not so much.), tried to initiate a ‘voter purge’ of some 180,00 foreign names, sided with big business by blocking local governments from allowing paid sick leave and approved a bill that would speed up executions for inmates. Ah, the passion must be killing Floridians! (Literally!)

Then again, the compliment comes for Perry, who said of Scott at the same conference, “This is a man who every morning when I get up, he compels me to be a more competitive governor,” leading us to believe The Passion of the Scott is less about helping the poor, sick, foreign or incarcerated but about compassion for boosting business and padding the bottom line.