Oh Honey No: Castro goes Goldilocks

San Antonio's fearless leader, Mayor Julian Castro, boldly went where few Latino men should ever go: the hair-dye aisle. According to his Facebook page, Hizzoner promised that if the Lanier High School basketball team (the Voks) made the playoffs, he'd lighten up, his hair that is, and go blond.

Honestly, it's really pretty sweet. On his Facebook post, the Mayor wrote: "Looks silly, I know. But, I hope our city's young folks will take two things from this. First, always keep your word. Second, you have an entire community of San Antonians who care about you and will always support your success on the court and in the classroom."

In the meantime, you've confused the hell out of Selena Gomez:


The real question is, what's he going to do when his roots start coming in? I'm thinking ombre, what about you?