What I Ate: A look at what our food editor eats

Here's a fun way to keep track of what I'm eating (and yes, drinking) these days. Not all of the photos will be from restaurants. Oftentimes, some of the best things I eat aren't created in commercial kitchens.  Let's dive in: #latergram of early VDay treats Oh snap. #scotchyscotchscotch (Too sweet, needs more actual Scotch)

Sometimes you eat nondescript beef & broccoli

Steak and all kinds of greens. All made by @evanweb #vday

Pre-Valentine's Day charc board. #lovely

Van's serious fish sandwich from #Timbos #satx #thegrandbudapesthotel sent me a box of Mendl's macs! #yummo cc: @sacurrent

AND heart-shaped rice. :) #thaiit #hearts Thai It at Culebra gets bonus points for heart-shaped carrots. #valentines cc: @sacurrent

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