Bonehead Quote of the Week: Gov. Rick Perry on the Equal Pay Law

The topic of equal pay has been taking over the state dialogue lately, so when Republican Gov. Rick Perry showed up to the studios of MSNBC this week, hosts of Morning Joe didn’t hesitate to ask why he opted to veto a bi-partisan bill last year that would help women with pay discrimination lawsuits in court. Finding rare compromise across political lines, the state law was passed during the 2013 session with support from both Republicans and Democrats in the Texas Legislature. But Perry axed the measure, saying federal laws will do just fine. So, why he’d do it?

Screen shot via MSNBC/ABC

Apparently, he’s under the impression the only reason legislators got behind the bill in the first place was so that he could reject the measure.

It was brought to the floor, “for the sole purpose of politics.”

“Let's face it, this was passed for no other reason than to say we're going to make you veto this bill,” Perry said, calling the entire debate “nonsense.”

Perry strangely dismisses support for the bill that would aid women in fighting for pay equity, from House and Senate Republican colleagues— including staunch conservative Sen. Donna Campbell (R-New Braunfels), who helped push it forward—and chalks the legislation up to mere political football. It seems doubtful (and perplexing) that an ultra conservative Tea Party darling like Campbell, who consistently sides with Perry on issues including the state’s abortion law, would vote for a bill to ‘play politics’ with the governor.

In fact, it kind of sounds like nonsense.

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