R.I.P. Ann B. Davis: 5 Favorite Scenes of Alice


San Antonio lost a beloved resident yesterday with the passing of Ann B. Davis. Throughout TV land, she charmed our giggles as Alice, the wisecracking, slapstick silly housekeeper in The Brady Bunch.

Davis moved to San Antonio in 1996 with friends from her church community. She continued to appear in television and on stage and became an avid fan of the Cody Branch Library.

It’s a gloomy way to begin the week, so ease in with these clips of Alice’s most lovable moments, and perhaps a Brady Bunch marathon later with pork chops and applesauce.




Alice Learns to Ski

"I hate to be the anti-American but I do have a protest to register."


Far Out, Alice

"I didn't want them to think I wasn't on it."



"Hit and run -- Florence Nightingale!"


Alice Turns on the Charm

"They just call me, Alice Available."


I'm Leaving