QOSA began with a split with Beaver off Man's Ruin Records. From there they have reached heights uncommon to relatively unknown bands with members older than 35 reach. (Fans can thank Dave Grohl for their favorite psychedelic metal secret appearing on MTV's TRL.) After the release of their self-titled album, QOSA garnered Grohl's attention - so much that their next album, Rated R, garnished with guest appearances on the album by burnouts - I mean, legends - like Rob Halford, propelled them to rock-induced legendary status.

Queens of the Stone Age: sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll? San Antonio songstress, Suzie Bravo, says that vox master, Josh Holmes, has come clean for 2003 with the release of Songs for the Deaf, chock-full of spaced-out, straight-out rock. The music video, which gets more airplay than my favorite 50 Cent piece ("come gimme a hug"), offers a glimpse of QOSA

Thursday, March 11
Sunset Station
1174 E. Commerce
224-9600 (Ticketmaster)
with mysterious lookalike Dave Grohl drummer. Oh wait, it is Grohl, who is now coming across as a fan who has seriously overdone it, worn the T-shirt to the concert, and cried when they spit on him.

Stoner rock come clean, Josh Holmes maintains his hypnotic monotonous voice even when told QOSA are, as some say, the saviors of rock 'n' roll, "fucking ridiculous" he thinks. Me too.