The new proposal for the PGA Village entails the following proposals:

The City would delay annexation of the property for 15 years

Impervious cover is 25 percent, up from 15 percent in the previous plan

Environmental considerations include using only organic pesticides and fertilizers, banning underground storage tanks, buffering sensitive recharge features.

A panel of three geologists would evaluate the land's environmental sensitivity; City Council, Lumbermen's, and SAWS would appoint the scientists.

Although Lumbermen's would pay SAWS $100,000 annually for surface and groundwater monitoring, the two parties are still negotiating the terms of an environmental protection plan.

The agreement between the City and Lumbermen's can be terminated if the two golf courses and hotel aren't running by the fifth year, the conservation easement hasn't been implemented in the same time period, if the developer fails to pay SAWS its annual $100,000 fee, if Lumbermen's fails to comply with the environmental plan, or any other breach of contract.

Assistant City Manager Chris Brady estimates that the resort is worth $6.1 million to the City in taxes that could be collected during the five years following annexation, compared to $4.8 million if the development were only housing.