Seattle punks with a sense of the absurd.
Wednesday, February 26
1902 McCullough
This nouveau new wave has created a tidal wave effect across the country that can be heard in east coast bands such as Le Tigre and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. By comparison, the Briefs' sound is more consistent with 1977-style punk than anything anything that emanated from the Me Decade.

Just like their punk predecessors, these fun-loving rockers (note the names of singers Steve E. Nix and Dan Travanti) express their unique personalities through extremely humorous lyrics. In fact, the Briefs as a whole could be considered an homage to punk legends the Dead Milkmen. "Bitchin Camaro" and "Groovy the Gorilla Girl" have been replaced by "I'm a Raccoon" and "Silver Bullet," which describes an untimely death wished upon Bob Seger.

Opening act Fabulous Disaster takes comes from a similar punk background as the Briefs and adds an element of '80s-style girl group, a la Pandoras. Their catchy three-chord tunes conjure images of Belinda Carlisle fronting the Ramones. The leather-loving group led by vox vixen, Laura Litter (enough alliteration already!), has hit the road to show off its second release, Panty Raid, coproduced by none other than Fat Mike of NOFX/Me First and the Gimme Gimme's fame. Fabulous Disaster is a breath of fresh air in the stuffy Stepford girl-group genre led by the likes of the Applicators as well as the trashy less-talent, more-scream offshoot epitomized by the Distillers. •