a week on the scene


Culture Sound Records has just released the first 12-inch single from Assasyn Dynasty's upcoming LP Classified, and it is mad impressive. Produced by Jaz Infinite and executive produced by Mr. Wondarime, the disc features "Sacrifice" on Side A, and "Vaccination" on Side B. Each is a piano-and-strings-driven call to arms that perfectly snapshots post-millennium b-boy angst. There is very little doubt that this piece of vinyl will open doors for the AD Crew outside of Texas and beyond.

Also currently out on the underground is the debut release from indie-producer Jaz Infinite: Garbage Beats, Throw Away Rhymes. The 16-track disc is a solid collection of vintage beats with laidback flows that includes the brilliant "Electrostatic" and a hilarious take on the origin of the evil that is Nelly. For info on both releases, hit up 822-0934 or


California punk-pop quintet Yellowcard might not sound much like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, but like that classic-rock warhorse, they formed in Florida and moved to SoCal to score a record deal.

The band's released its Capitol debut, Ocean Avenue, this year and has begun to score some MTV2 play. The two-time Warped Tour veterans stand out amongst the parade of contemporary punk songsmiths primarily because their driving guitar rhythms and dramatic dynamic shifts are augmented by a violin player (Sean Mackin) - who lends an odd hint of Jean-Luc Ponty to the proceedings.

Yellowcard is scheduled to perform at Sin 13 on Tuesday, October 21, with Acceptance and Reeve Oliver. •