a week on the scene


The local jazz scene should get a major, much-needed boost this weekend with the highly anticipated opening of Luna, a non-smoking venue striving for the ambience of an authentic New York jazz hot spot. Luna will spotlight the best in local and national jazz every Wednesday through Saturday. The club opens Friday, November 14 at 9 p.m., with a performance by the Bett Butler/Joël Dilley Quintet, featuring Cecil Carter, Gerry Gibbs, and Rob Hardt. Upcoming November shows include the Ron Wilkins Quartet, the Jim Kalson Trio, Zarabande, Small World and Torch. Luna is located at 6740 San Pedro, between Oblate and Jackson-Keller. For more information, call 804-2433.


We're not sure why the show is early, but we can tell you that Austin's Emo's has a feast planned on Saturday, November 15 for fans of smart, emotionally complex rock.

Headliners Okkervil River made a gloomy backwoods near-masterpiece with Don't Fall In Love With Everyone You See. Its tortured vocals are reminiscent of Will Oldham or Rhett Miller spinning desperately literate tales of frustration and sour love, while pedal steel, Wurlitzer, and mandolin wail along. The band is now touring for its second album, Down the River of Golden Dreams. But that's not the half of it. Critics' favorite the Mendoza Line are on the bill, as are two solo artists with impressive pedigrees.

Guitarist/drummer Chris Brokaw is a veteran of the scene sometimes called slowcore, logging time in Codeine, Come, Consonant, and The New Year (the latter an offshoot of Bedhead). Rebecca Gates, on the other hand, may only be known for one band - but it's a band that counts. Gates was the main creative force behind the Spinanes; considering that the group was a duo in which one partner left after the second album, you could say she was the Spinanes. Gates made the solo thing official with Ruby Series, a gorgeous collection that stripped away the Spinanes' guitar-and-drum-heavy structures to get at the songs beneath them. The show starts at 5 p.m., and tickets are $5. Call 512-477-EMOS for more info. •