a week on the scene

Wood Shedding

His name might suggest a computer-generated hybrid of Rolling Stones' Charlie Watts and Ron Wood, but local guitarist Charlie Wood's musical passion has long been smooth jazz. After playing with country artists early in his career - even logging three-and-a-half years in Gilley's house band - he began to follow his own jazzier muse, releasing his debut album, In the Thick of the Woods, in 1996.

Wood celebrates the release of his sophomore effort, Rhythms of the Eclipse, with a Saturday, December 13 show at the Cameo Center Theater (1123 E. Commerce). Like the new CD, the gig features a guest appearance by Kim Stone, bassist for the Rippingtons. Recorded at Studio Cats, and engineered by Robert Ybarra, Rhythms features seven Wood originals, and covers of both the Classics IV's '60s nugget "Stormy" and the Miami Sound Machine hit "1, 2, 3." The CD also includes cameos from such stellar players as Ybarra, Sebastian Campesi, and Red Balderrama.

Truth be told, "smooth jazz" has long been a highfalutin euphemism for music that is really instrumental pop at the core. The genre might have too many dentist-office associations for some, and jazz traditionalists understandly find it overly diluted, but Wood's skill is undeniable, and he plays with admirable taste and fluidity.

Wood's CD release show begins at 6:30 p.m. For more details, call 226-7055.

Good B-Boys

On Saturday, December 13, DJs Comp1, J.J. Lopez, and Chacho will be featured at Breakin' for Good, a breakdancing battle and exhibition at Blood N Fire Ministries (301 E. Cevallos, 497-2843). The party starts at noon (b-boys and girls should register between noon and 3 p.m.), and ends at 8 p.m.

The battle will benefit the San Antonio Food Bank and the Children's Shelter of San Antonio. Six canned food items (including baby formula) will get you into a good show with a good cause. Platonic and non-platonic couples can buy their way in with one pack of diapers, one mega pack of baby wipes, or one item of children's clothing. •