Recent Corpus Christi transplant Ann-Michele Morales is a standout in the current show at UTSA Satellite Space. 3 Pop Tarts also features the work of Susan Warner and former San Antonian Rainey. The show is on view noon to 6 p.m., Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through April 18, at 115 Blue Star. Call 212-7146 for more info.

News and notes from the San Antonio art scene

The Virtual Curator

Following the press deadline for Artifacts `see "Curatorial Shift?" March 25-31, 2004` the McNay Art Museum formally announced that MaLin Wilson-Powell, Curator of Art After 1945 and Curator of Exhibitions, is returning to New Mexico. She will keep her position, however, and will work from Santa Fe on projects that she has been key in developing, such as the ARTMATTERS series of contemporary exhibitions, and the McNay Contemporary Collectors Forum.

Alameda Allemande

Another cultural transplant is leaving San Antonio at the end of this month. Centro Alameda Executive Director Daniel Hagerty is returning to Washington, D.C. Last spring, Hagerty, the fresh-faced veteran of theater and Smithsonian projects, joined the organization, which is responsible for the renovation and redevelopment of the Alameda Theatre and the Museo Americano in Market Square, just as a funding crunch caused by an eight-month leadership vacancy came to bear on the museum's timeline.

During his brief tenure, Hagerty and the board secured additional financing from Frost Bank that allowed the museum's construction to continue, but ongoing fundraising has been a challenge. "I feel optimistic about where the organization is," writes Hagerty via e-mail. "I am very proud of the fact that, as an organization, we have a much better understanding of the challenges and the focus necessary to overcome them."

Hagerty, a fan of ballet and music, adds that he also misses the opportunity to regularly see major touring acts and performers. Unconfirmed rumors have Hagerty rejoining the Kennedy Center's development staff.

The Centro Alameda board is planning to announce new hires and a revamped campaign in the next few weeks. "Fundraising is our most important activity right now," says Hagerty, who will still participate in the Alameda project as a member of the Strategic Planning Committee.

Rainey Day

Former San Antonio artist Rainey, who moved to Boston last spring with her husband, sound artist and long-time Liberty bartender John Navarro, returns in a fashion this month as part of a group show at the UTSA Satellite Space. 3 Pop Tarts features new works by Rainey, Susan Warner, and Ann-Michele Morales. Rainey's pop-culture-inspired work traverses the same territory as the best Japanimation, taking subconsciously-appealing shapes and symbols and exploiting their commerical appeal for artistic ends. The Satellite Space, located at 115 Blue Star, is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from noon to 6 p.m. For more info, call 212-7146. •