Electro crush


the debut CD by San Antonio's own Hyperbubble delivers what its title promises: Solid Pop.

For fans of the synthesizer-playing, kitsch-loving, robot-posing duo, the new CD will scratch that Hyperbubble itch between gigs. (Though gigs, thankfully, are becoming more frequent.) Listening to a song like "Bionic Girl" on a CD may never be a substitute for actually seeing the photogenic duo bring it to life onstage. Live, the Hyperbubble eperience is just as much performance art as music.

But what Solid Pop does do for the listener is allow a closer examination and appreciation of the music. Jess sings the songs and Jeff writes, plays, and mixes most of the music. Jess' voice is like aural hairspray - it's lightweight but sticks to its mark. Her voice works especially well on vaguely naughty songs like "Share Your Toys." Though a close listen to the lyrics won't reveal the double entendre in the song, her voice will make you swear it's there.

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Other songs on the CD shine because of a different kind of subtlety. The less obvious tracks are a great showcase for the melded voices of Jess and Jeff - what they do isn't just harmony, it's more like comfortably sharing the same lyrics. "Another Ride" in particular evokes mid-'90s Magnetic Fields (the band that first carried Stephin Merritt into the welcoming arms of critics). So although Solid Pop is just what fans will expect - mission accomplished - there are signs that Hyperbubble might also find a new path along the synth-pop route. So stick around and enjoy the ride. •

By Dawn Pomento