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Where there’s a will

Will Sexton is a couple of years younger than his brother Charlie, and it’s often seemed that they’ve followed the same path, separated only by a couple of years.

Both brothers spent their pre-pubescent days accompanying their mom to rock clubs and both became highly proficient on the guitar at an age when most musically inclined kids are only begining to master the B-flat-concert scale for their school-band tryouts.

In both cases, they were blues-guitar phenoms who adapted to the fashion (and the hairstyles) of the times when A&R men came calling. Charlie made a commercial splash in 1986 with the Bowie-esque “Beat’s So Lonely” and couldn’t dent the charts again. Will and his band The Kill made their major-label debut in 1988 to great interest in Austin, and minimal interest elsewhere.

Matt McCormack
Will Sexton and Friends
Fri, Apr 14
Red Room
1903 S. St. Mary’s

Ultimately, both brothers took a break from the record-industry hype and settled on the kind of rootsy, introspective music that their earliest fans always hoped they’d make. Charlie’s guitar wizardy is more impressive, and he’s built a stellar career as a sideman and producer, but Will has quietly found his own voice as well.

After six years of silence, in 2001 he released Scenes From Nowhere, a moody, idiosyncratic record that suggested intriguing possibilities for a still-young artist who only seems to have been around since the dawn of recorded sound. At the newly established Red Room, he’ll support fellow Austin songwriter Matt McCormack for a night geared to singer-songwriter aficionados.