Say Goodbye to that Hangover Hang-up

It’s no secret that college students like to have a good time. And by “have a good time,” I mean the keggers, mixers, and other debauched fests that are part of the “college experience.” But don’t let good times be a distraction from the real reason you packed up and left home for the best four years of your life. There are now two products on the market to help students reclaim valuable class time the morning after.

The PartySmart pill, developed by the Himalaya Drug Company, works by quickly eliminating acetaldehyde from your liver. Acetaldehyde is a hangover-causing chemical left behind after a night with Jose or Jack.

Chaser, developed by a biotech company in Michigan, promises to absorb harmful toxins found in alcohol that also cause hangover symptoms. Chaser Plus targets wine-related hangovers and headaches.

What better night to test the efficiency of these pills than while celebrating my 21st birthday on Austin’s Sixth Street? I took the PartySmart pill with my first drink (you can take the pill half an hour before you start drinking or anytime during the drinking process) and proceeded to let friends and guys buy me drinks throughout the night.

Two mixed drinks, one shot, several beers, NO DRIVING, and one amazing pizza slice later, we called it a night. Amazingly, I woke up without a headache and didn’t feel dehydrated or nauseated. I expect the results may vary depending on how much you drink and the hour you leave the bar, drunk-dial your ex, and make your way to a horizontal surface.

I took the Chaser Plus pills over a bottle of red wine and girl-talk on a separate, more relaxing occasion; the instructions say to take two pills with your first drink and two more before bed. I drank four glasses of vino, had no headache, and felt great the next morning.

All told, the meds proved to be sufficient for social-drinking situations.

But even if you’re armed with PartySmart or Chaser, remember to designate a driver, never leave your drink unattended, and seek help if you feel you have an alcohol dependency. PartySmart and Chaser do not prevent intoxication and are only for those 21 and older.